Heating, saving strategies

We are in the middle of autumn and more and more people are looking for strategies to save on heating. Who knows the actual cost of his consumption on theheating, sure will get asavingsmore consistent. A few more banknotes at the end of the month are convenient for everyone, so why not transform thesavingsin a good habit, perhaps starting from the item that weighs the most in the bill, theheating.

What relationship do you have with your heating thermostat?
Know that, even reducing the temperature of the thermostat by a few degrees, within a year thesavingsaccumulated will be at least 10 percent. By adjusting the thermostat temperature to 19 ° C instead of 20 ° - 22 ° C, the boiler consumption will be reduced. A couple of degrees won't make a difference if you learn to wear an extra sweatshirt at home too! Then if you want to stay with tshirt ... well, that's a different kettle of fish (less!).

How much do you know about energy efficiency?
A standard boiler has an efficiency at nominal power of 86.6%, so each year it will consume an average of 1,060 euros for a house of 100 square meters. An energy-efficient boiler has an efficiency at nominal power of at least 92%, which translates into a consistent savings: the annual cost will be around 970 euros. If you want asavingsmore consistent, condensing boilers have an efficiency that exceeds 100%, so the annual expenditure for heating will be around 800 euros.

Other good habits not to forget
Avoid covering heaters with curtains, furniture or upholstery. In short, if you start heating or drying your clothes, the heat will not propagate in the room, indeed, in the case of freshly washed laundry, it will only increase the humidity rate and the possibility of giving birth to molds.

Use a timer to avoid thoughts like "I go shopping but I leave the heating on so when I get home I find the house warm ... ". What a fox! The house will also be hot but the bill will burn you with its high price! Use the timer for automatic ignition so as not to unnecessarily waste entire hours of use.

Video: More heat with less wood (November 2021).