The municipal carbon footprint of Bastia Umbra

Citizens are advised that the project questionnaire is online carbon footprint… What is online? I think I see the citizens of Bastia Umbra who mess with entering the data of their business, house and building with attached garage to allow the Municipality to calculate thecarbon footprint of the country. One applause to them because becoming familiar with certain concepts is not easy and another because they are among the first in Italy.

What are we talking about? Of this: the Municipality of Bastia Umbra, in the province of Perugia, has joined the project Carbon Footprint promoted by the Ministry of the Environment with the aim of identifying thecarbon footprint of the activities falling within the municipal area, or the estimation of CO₂ and greenhouse gas emissions produced, with a view to reducing or neutralizing them.

These emissions derive from combustion, heating, cooling and the consumption of electricity for the management of buildings, as well as from fuel consumption during the use of vehicles. Know the amount of CO emissions2 and greenhouse gases produced by city activities, that is to know the carbon footprint municipal, it will help to understand what to do to compensate for it with green actions.

The questionnaire on carbon footprint that the Municipality of Bastia Umbra has put online is aimed at all residents of the town and the owners of buildings used as residential or commercial buildings with characteristics similar to homes (for example offices, small shops, bars, restaurants, pharmacies). The more completed questionnaires the Municipality will receive, the more complete the ecological profile of the country will be. Compensation actions that can be implemented are more effective.

The ministerial project Carbon Footprint it is also aimed at companies, and 200 have already joined. On the other hand, the signatory bodies of the PA are much less numerous, including in addition to Bastia Umbra, the Municipality of Cosenza, the Municipality of Gemona and the Municipalities of Leni, Malfa and Santa Marina di Salina. But signing is not enough, you have to go to the facts. And that's what the citizens of Bastia in Umbria are doing.

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