What are the megatrends of 2014?

THE megatrend it is the great changes taking place that have an influence on the economy, society, politics and, more generally, on people's lives. Analyzing these macro-trends, which is a bit like looking into the crystal ball but using real data, allows us to identify those that have the virtual certainty of being realized.

Catch the moment. The point is that the depth and frequency of changes have increased compared to the past decades and their effects are triggering structural changes that are clearly visible at all levels in society. For companies and for the people who are inside it, all this is essential because i megatrend they are not mere global waves, but engines of change.

How does the world change? What will the new trends be in the coming years? How will the markets change? the Group of Young Entrepreneurs of Assolombarda, which deals with doing business megatrend has identified and is studying some. The first is that of smart cities, the 'smart cities', increasingly wired and where the Internet extends to the 'Internet of things' allowing machines to communicate. The change will be tremendous.

Then there is the generational change, especially in the emerging areas of Asia and South America; there is the demand segmentation deriving from the market and the sharing of information deriving from geolocation is cloud computing. And there are new technologies that allow the simulation of events and systems in various fields of application, combined with the further machinery automation that become more and more flexible. Another megatrend important is the increase in microproduction centers of electricity alongside the ever stronger affirmation of sustainable development models.

Ai megatrend in progress, the young people of Assolombarda dedicated the Social2Business event hosted on November 29 by Borsa Italiana at Palazzo Mezzanotte, the fourth edition of a meeting moment between entrepreneurs based on socialization, synergy and matching with the recipe of the training workshops. Objective: to isolate the 'game changers' by trying to capitalize them, that is, the events that arise from global trends and which would have a great impact on the future world, but which may not necessarily occur. An entrepreneur's dream.

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