DIY Christmas Decorations

TheChristmas decorationsdo-it-yourself they are the most original, cheapest and certainly the most sustainable ones. TheChristmas holidaysare upon us and while Italians are doing the math in their pockets trying to extricate themselves from gift ideas and affordable weekends, the environment takes a big hit: theChristmas,unfortunately, it involves great waste and great waste production. To curb this trend it is possible to createChristmas decorationswith the do-it-yourself, our best ally will be thecreative recycling.

If a fake mistletoe garland, made with old transistors is still an unacceptable idea, the preparation of Christmas lanterns will not be, given a small series of low-energy-impact light bulbs and detergent containers of various shapes. The result will be very pleasing to the eye: the plastic containers must be decorated to your taste and liking, decoupage, stencil or hand drawing.


For this Christmas, better not to buy an expensive centerpiece, you can prepare one with fruit. The process is simple and the result can be seen in our photo gallery. How to proceed? Get yourself a very large carrot and a lot of toothpicks, the carrot will be your central column and the toothpicks will be the branches designed to support the various pieces of fruit. The result will be a beautiful centerpiece ofChristmasshaped like a tree.


Of thediy decorationsthey can be made with old candles and pastels. Use the cups or kitchen molds to shape the candles to your liking, the pastels will help you to give color. Furthermore, every gift packaged must not be wrapped with specially purchased paper, get some ribbons and create original packages with sheets of old newspapers or with bread paper! That said, it seems a bit simplistic but the result is decidedly original and cute. More intuitive and easy to make goddesses are available in our photo gallery.

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