Lapkat kit, turns the iPhone into an environmental detector

For the protection of consumers, devices capable of carrying out some are spreading on the marketsurveysmore or less reliable environmental conditions. An example isSensordroneand the kitLapkaforiPhone.Why do consumers need to protect themselves?

Let's hear aboutland of fires, food contamination, pesticides, radiation…. Only today it turns out that everyone was aware of the toxic waste buried in the Neapolitan area: between state secrets and administrative agreements it was only we consumers who knew nothing. For years we have "breathed poisons" and who knows how many times we have eaten dishes rich in pesticides but sold forbiological. Environmental fraud is on the agenda and human health is increasingly at risk.

Accessories like the little oneLapka kit for iPhonethey can be very useful in daily practice. ThePersonal Environment Monitor by Lapka allows us, through a simple and intuitive user interface, to keep a large number of environmental parameters under control using a simpleiPhone. The price of thePersonal Environment Monitor byLapka it's not that high either: made in Russia, every sensorLapkacosts 79 dollars. The entire kit, which includes four environmental detectors, is priced at $ 249.


The entire set consists of four devices capable of measuring radiation levels, electromagnetic fields, humidity levels and the genuineness of a product. Sure theLapkait will not be able to tell us if a food is GMO or not, but it will be able to detect if it has been cultivated with organic farming methods.

How the kit worksLapka for iPhone?
Each small device has its own specific technology. For example, the radiation detector is sensitive to beta and gamma radiation levels and is capable of measuring the amount of other particles. For a more accurate result, the user manual ofLapkarecommends performing a test lasting at least two minutes.

The deviceLapka EMFmanages to measure the electromagnetic fields produced by any electrical equipment, radio transmitters, antennas, power plants ...Lapka EMFcan detect both high-frequency and low-frequency activity, so you can understand if there are exposed wires nearby, if our microwave pollutes the home environment or detect the activity of the antenna of our smartphone.


To understand if a food has been produced organically or not, you will have to use a small probe included in the kitLapka for iPhone. The probe measures the ionic conductivity which is related to the amount of nitrates deposited by the nitrogen fertilizers. When it comes to nitrate concentration, raw fruit and vegetables have a well-defined acceptable limit, with the kit probeLapka for iPhoneyou will be able to understand the authenticity of the company that markets products as "organic".

To accompany thegeniusof the "meters" there is an App capable of transforming theiPhonein a pocket environmental detector! The App is full of features and suggestions capable of expanding the culture of each user. Due to its ease of use, theLapka kit for iPhoneis suitable for a rather large audience: those who know how to use a iPhone he will certainly be able to carry out this type of environmental measurements.


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