Natural remedies for constipation

There constipation, a problem that afflicts many people, involves a failure to empty the colon correctly and therefore a series of associated ailments. Worse, it can happen that constipation occurs for several days, leading to significant consequences. Many are led to underestimate the problem, forgetting that having difficulty going to the bathroom is not part of the physiological normality of the body. Therefore it is good to intervene immediately by consulting your GP. There are remedies that can help our body regain its natural well-being and the natural physiology of its functions, improving the transit of substances through the intestinal system. Below we will show you some natural remedies for constipation.

Constipation, the causes
The causes of constipation can be traced back to our own lifestyle:

  • wrong feeding
  • lack of daily water intake
  • lack of movement
  • predominantly chest breathing

What to do against constipation
How can we fight constipation without resorting to specific drugs:

  • prefer fruit and vegetables, especially green leafy ones, at every meal: prefer seasonal fruit and vegetables and above all from organic farming
  • decrease the intake of red meats, derived from milk and simple sugars that can irritate and ferment within the intestine itself
  • drink at least 8 glasses of water a day: water is essential for our body and in particular it is essential for proper intestinal function
  • doing physical activity, movement: walking, climbing and descending stairs, etc. also helps the natural peristalsis of the intestine
  • practice correct diaphragmatic breathing: with the use of the diaphragm muscle, a continuous massage is carried out on the underlying viscera, favoring peristaltic movement
  • if you are taking medicines, check for side effects

Treatments for constipation
There are specific treatments such as reflexology, chromotherapy, pranotherapy, etc. able to restore a new balance, thus re-establishing a correct emptying of the colon.

If the problem of the constipation persists, it is good to do thorough clinical examinations; the problem should not be underestimated.

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