From Switzerland the compressed air electric generator

A compressed air electric generator: this is the proposal that comes from Swiss Green Systems, a company that has decided to believe in the use of renewable sources, exploiting them in an innovative way though.
Here are therefore high-tech solutions designed both for companies and for other realities and can be further developed as a non-polluting alternative. The company's technical director Giancarlo Gallino talks about his adventure with the compressed air electric generator and the promising future of those who are daring.

1) When were you born and with which mission?
SGS was born in 2012 as a business idea of ​​a group of Swiss professionals who share a strong interest in environmental issues and the creation of clean energy. SGS's mission is the realization on a pre-industrial scale and the commercialization of a system that includes a compressor and a compressed air electric generator, precisely. The compressor transforms energy from a renewable source into compressed air, the compressed air is stored in cylinders or tanks, connected to a high efficiency compressed air electric generator.

2) In which field do you propose your compressed air electric generator are you active? What other solutions do you propose?
We are establishing contacts with private, state and university structures operating in the energy sector. There energy conservation stands out as one of the market segments with the highest potential. The transition to renewable energy production taking place all over the world brings with it a problem that severely limits its use: energy cannot be produced on command and must be used when it is there. Our technology, with the compressed air electric generator, aims to solve this problem.

3) What are the sustainability aspects of your proposal?
Our compressed air electric generator guarantees a 100% clean cycle. Even the compressor, in fact, works directly and does not require any energy transformation to adapt with the electricity produced by solar energy or other systems that produce electricity, thus ensuring a completely clean cycle. Furthermore, the completely ecological system does not have disposal costs.

4) Where does your know-how come from that led you to the compressed air electric generator and to Swiss Green Systems?
The know-how starts from an innovative project now protected by patents. The efficiency of the system has yields higher than current standards (30%). The SGS performance of 80% has in fact been documented and certified by an external official certification body.

5) Who are your energy solutions for?
The technology of our system withcompressed air electric generator it can be used for many applications and meets the most diverse needs. It is suitable for both small and large energies: from the Minergie house to the hydroelectric plant, passing through single-family homes or entire residential districts. It would also prove to be a valid alternative to UPS.

6) What responses are you receiving?
At the moment we are starting to do promotion; despite being in the initial phase, we are receiving a lot of approval both from individuals, for Minergie houses, and from companies that would like to use our compressed air electric generator to replace their technologies that still have polluting parts. We are receiving requests for information from Switzerland and all of Italy, without particular territorial differentiation.

7) What projects do you have for the development of your company?
After the realization and certification of a system with reduced power, the next goal is to develop a definitive 1 kW pre-industrial model, with the function of a buffer system, which can be modulated up to 3 kW, a power capable of meeting the needs of domestic users. Further development is the energy supply of an entire village, for which the production of generators with power greater than ten kW is estimated.

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