Anti-smog masks, why wear it

Theanti-smog maskscould play a crucial role in protecting you from pollution. Theanti-smog masksthey are particularly recommended for cyclists, runners, children, the elderly and those who walk a lot in city traffic.

Exercising is good but the effects are only exclusively healthy only when doing outdoor sports, immersed in the middle of nature: those who ride a bicycle in the city center or those who love to run in the busiest street of the city face big risks that force him to wearanti-smog masks.

Exercise increases metabolism and makes breathing faster and deeper. In other words, the person who runs or walks in the city breathes more air but also everything that it contains: fine dust, smog and pollution of all kinds. Those who want to avoid breathing polluted air can only exercise in parks and natural oases, but those who do not have a "green lung "at hand will have to compromise with theanti-smog masks.

Whichanti-smog masksto buy?
When we talk aboutanti-smog masks we are not referring to the classics masks white as a surgeon, completely useless when it comes to pollution; we rather refer to anti-smog masks with EN 149 mark (European standard that guarantees minimum filtering efficiency). Based on the filtering efficiency the anti-smog masks are divided into FFP1 (minimum guaranteed efficiency equal to 78%) FFp2 (minimum filtering efficiency equal to 92%) and FFP3, it is masks heavy and bulky, intended to be used on construction sites or particular situations. Attention to themade in China: anyanti-smog maskimported from China does not meet minimum filter efficiency standards.

In less developed cities and especially where there is a poor awareness of environmental issues, people are more likely to turn a blind eye to the problem of pollution. Citizens tend to install air purifiers at home when they spend most of their time between urban traffic, supermarkets, roads and work: in this context, the best way to protect their health is to wear aanti-smog mask.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, has drawn up various documents where the onset of a large number of cancers is closely correlated with air pollution. In short, air pollution is said to be one of the main causes of cancer and, following these publications, for the first time the United Nations has issued statements with a strong impact on the risk of cancer related to air pollution.

The anti-smog masks Fortunately, they are available at very low prices: on Amazon there are several models available. Among those with the best quality ratio we point out the Urbanstyle model proposed at the price of € 12.93 with free shipping. This mask has no activated carbon filters. If you are looking for a model with more effective filters, you can try the Lampa 91260 Defensor anti-smog mask proposed at the promotional price of 13.88 euros with free shipping. Remember, however, that the mask must be replaced periodically because the activated carbons lose their effectiveness.

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