Dance therapy for the pursuit of well-being

Looking around, people's renewed interest in an authentic search for their own physical and spiritual well-being cannot be overlooked. Among the activities that are proposed in this path there is certainly the dance therapy, which despite the name is not a medical practice but rather a way of finding one's balance in everyday life by indulging in liberating moments of dance.

But the dance therapy it is serious, as well as fun, and is based on multidisciplinary teachings of various kinds that help harmony between body and mind. As with yoga, in the dance therapy there are positions, movements and basic rules that can only be learned through experimentation and study and which vary according to the type of dance. And there are several dances.

One of these is for example the Dance of the 5 Rhythms created by the American dancer and musician Gabrielle Roth. In the Dance of the 5 Rhythms, the dance therapy it aims to bring out one's emotions through a free dance that sets every part of the body in motion in an extremely free way. We dance in a group: the basic pattern is given by the teacher, then everyone moves according to their feelings. If you want to know more at the bottom of this article you will find a link.

Dance therapy, biodanza, eurythmy… what are the differences? Well, at this point we realize that we risk a bit of confusion because all these practices have existed for some time, each have specific historical and scientific reasons and those who disclose them rightly point out the differences, which in fact exist. To simplify, we call dance therapy the set of practices that, as we said at the beginning, make dance a path towards well-being in which body and mind are one.

IS dance therapy biodanza - or psychodance as it was originally called - whose invention in the 1960s is attributed to a Chilean psychologist (Rolando Toro Araneda) who experienced the blessings of dancing on psychiatric patients. Music and movement, the basic ingredients of dance, to arouse positive and healing emotions. Today all over the world there are organizations and movements that propose biodance.

And the eurythmy? Here things are a little different because eurythmy is not a real dance and not even a gymnastics, but rather an art of movement. What makes us insert it among the practices of dance therapy it is the fact that even eurythmy is based on the movement of the body and has as its purpose the well-being of body and mind together.

Since there is a therapeutic eurythmy, which is an important part of anthroposophical medicine, the definition dance therapy it doesn't seem so wrong. Certainly the eurythmy is also something more than one dance therapy, for example, it is a pedagogical art inserted in the path of Steiner schools and a practice applied at a company level to find harmony between colleagues.

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