How and when to sow succulents

How and when to sow succulents: instructions tocultivation of succulent plantsstarting from sowing. Germination times, care and how to do it.

The right period is from January to April but before asking us when to sow succulents one wonders: succulents can cultivate from seed? Well yes, the playback system for seed it is not widely used for fat plantsbut it is possible.

Theresowing of succulentsit is not very common due to the slowness of germination, but if you are not in a hurry you can easily proceed and get great satisfaction.

When to sow succulents

The general period, as stated, goes fromJanuary to Aprilso as to bring the small succulents outside in view of the summer. Who wantssow succulentsindoors, in a protected and well-lit place, it can proceed at any time of the year, but must avoid bringing succulents outside in the winter, even if they are now well developed.

Succulents, even the most resistant to cold, must be treated with some respect during the first times of cultivation. With the arrival of autumn, at allsucculent plantspotassium-based fertilizer should be administered in the manner explained in the guide article: "How to protect succulents from the cold“.

Collect succulent plant seeds

For sure the sowing of succulents can take advantage seedsin envelope orseedscollected directly from house plants, just after flowering and fruiting. The collected seeds are dried on a sheet of absorbent paper and placed in a jar in a cool and dark place until the moment of sowing.

On Amazon,"to this address"there is no shortage of different mixtures of seeds for succulent plants, even well assorted, in the photo below there are some of the species proposed on Amazon with a mix of 100 seeds. Unfortunately, when it comes toseeds, it is impossible to rely on user reviews because not everyone is ready to face the difficulties related to sowing:

  • Use of a suitable soil.
  • Species-specific waiting times for germination.
  • Seeds with considerably reduced dimensions, therefore difficult to handle individually without a special tweezer.

Soil for sowing succulents

On the when to sow succulents we have already anticipated that the best period is from the second half of winter to the beginning of spring (January-April) using a seedbed and taking care to choose a good soil. The recommended one is a carefully sieved compound for cacti to which, if necessary, a little sand is added to make it softer. On the market it is possible to buy specific soils for succulent plants, we advise you to buy this substrate.

Where to buy aspecific substrate for succulents? In garden centers or taking advantage of online shopping. On "this Amazon page" you can find various proposals for specific formulations for cacti and succulents.

How to sow succulents

Let's now move on to how to sow succulents.

The soil gets wet beforesowing. We proceed tosowing “Spreading” the seeds evenly on the surface of the seedbed, or, if you use the perforated pots, you will need to add at least 3 seeds for each compartment. The seeds of succulents, in themselves, do not have a high germination capability so they must be put in excess ... if two germinate, either they move or the less developed one is sacrificed.

The seeds must be covered with a very thin layer of the same soil or grit. The seedbed must be wrapped in a plastic cloth (transparent kitchen film is fine too) and placed in a very bright place but not exposed to direct sunlight.

The optimal conditions for the sowing of succulentsprovide for an ambient temperature of about 18 - 21 ° C and a substrate temperature between 15 - 17 ° C.

The humidity must be kept high in the early stages of life of all succulents, which is why it is important to use plastic to keep the environment humid .... However, to avoid the appearance of mold, it will be necessary to ventilate daily, then lift the plastic sheet, make sure that the soil is still damp (but not wet) and close the sheet again.

If you cannot devote daily care to the seedbed of succulents, you will need to prepare a good ventilation of the seedbed, perhaps by building a mini tunnel greenhouse with kitchen sticks. To avoid the onset of mold and mildew, your allies are good lighting and good ventilation!

The plastic bag that wraps the seedbed should be removed permanently only agermination occurred, when the seedlings begin to emerge from the ground.

At that point, the humidity can be progressively reduced, bringing it to the optimal level depending on the species. Once the individual seedlings have reached such a size that they can be handled without breaking them, they can be repacked into individual pots.

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