How to grow geraniums

THE geraniums they are undoubtedly one of the most common garden flowers; with their colorful and dense blooms they adorn flower beds, balconies and terraces. Growing geraniums it does not require particular cultivation practices; just a few tricks are enough. Let's see in detail how to grow geraniums.

How to grow geraniums, the species
The most suitable species to be grown on the balcony is the “ivy” variety, characterized by a beautiful cascading habit. Falling geraniums are known for their considerable amount of flowering: if you want to give more color to the balcony, we advise you to grow geraniums together with verbene, you will get a contrast of colors that all passers-by will envy.
There are also zonal geraniums, which are characterized by an upright posture and a dark spot on the leaves: if you opt for this species, we advise you to fill the spaces alternating the plants with lobelia or bluebells.

How to grow geraniums, directions
Here are some pointers for having beautiful flowers:

  • Prefer a soil composed of clayey earth and peat, with the addition of calcium carbonate, which will serve to raise the pH of the soil: if you want, you can find specific soil for geraniums at the brico centers. If you add a little clay to the pot, the plant will suffer less on hot days.
  • Make sure the geraniums are in full sun at a temperature between 14 ° and 25 °
  • Water frequently making sure that the soil is never dry, especially in spring and summer: water is essential but you have to pay attention to stagnant water to prevent the roots from rotting
  • Periodically use fertilizer: liquid fertilizer is fine, to be administered with irrigation water. It will be enough to fertilize once a month in the cold months. During flowering, which begins as early as April until September, you will have to fertilize once every two weeks, increasing the percentage of potassium
  • Repot once a year in spring: also carefully choose the pot in which to plant them; it must be large enough to allow the roots a suitable living space.

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