Making money with photovoltaics is possible

Earning with photovoltaics it is possible: a photovoltaic roof not only allows you to save on your electricity bill, a solar system also allows you to earn by selling the energy produced and not self-consumed.

As stated, earn with photovoltaics it is possible but not in all cases. Who decides to install a system and wants earn with photovoltaics must, first of all, know their actual consumption, know the photovoltaic potential of the installation site and choose the right system.

Before installing any photovoltaic system it is necessary to consider the solar radiation of the site so as to be able to answer crucial questions for those who want, as well as save on the electricity bill earn with photovoltaics; the points to be analyzed following the analysis of solar radiation are:
in consideration of the domestic energy needs and solar radiation, what would be the optimal sizing of the system?
- what would be the ideal orientation and inclination?
- how much energy would a plant of certain characteristics?

Only by providing timely and accurate answers, the possibility of earn with photovoltaics becomes concrete. In this context we have already talked about the possibility given by the so-called "exchange on the spot ", thanks to which it is allowed sell clean energy produced by your own photovoltaic system and not self-consumed.

How do you earn with photovoltaics taking advantage of the "exchange on the spot"?
The bidirectional counter enters the home networkclean energyinstantly consumed while, the excess energy will be fed into the local electricity grid using it as if it were astorage tank: when the solar system is not in operation, the home network will be powered by the energy supplied by the dispenser (eg. ENEL) but at a reduced rate. The mechanism by which yes earns of the exchange on the spot is this: first you pay the bills at full rate for all the energy taken from the local electricity grid and then you receive a partial refund based on the clean energy that the private plant has fed into the local grid. This remuneration is fiscally configured as if it were a sale and is technically called "economic liquidation of surpluses".

What is the value of the energy produced by your solar system?
On-site exchange is not exactly "an equal exchange". Starting from January 2013, the mechanism for the valorisation of the energy put into exchange on site has been simplified by Gse. Above all, the value of the "energy share" now calculated has been changed by introducing the Single National Price instead of the "price in the bill" for the valorisation of the energy injected and withdrawn.

Who can access the GSE service of the on-site exchange?
Plants that access the incentive mechanisms provided for by the Interministerial Decrees of July 5, 2012 (V Conto Energia) and July 6, 2012 (incentives for renewable sources other than photovoltaics)NOTcan access the service of Exchange on the spot.

Besides the exchange on the spot, there are other ways to earn with photovoltaics?
In 2004 the “Borsa Elettrica” was born, an Italian telematic market for supply and demand where it is possible to sell and purchase electricity. Industries, companies and municipalities can buy electricity through wholesalers, who purchase large quantities of energy on the free market to resell it.

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