How to choose balcony plants

A balcony furnished with a wonderful green corner, it allows us to stay outside in the shade on sunny days and enjoy the coolness of the evening. But which plants to choose and how to arrange them on our balcony? Many people unfortunately, while enjoying a broad balcony, they don't know how to set it up with the most suitable plants. In this regard we will illustrate you how to choose balcony plants following our directions.

How to choose balcony plants, the exhibition
Before setting up a balcony with plants of all kinds, it is necessary to evaluate their exposure. Is your balcony facing north? In this case, you must choose plants that prefer shade: in this case, the choice is not wide but there is no need to be discouraged! It is quite another thing if your balcony is oriented to the south: in this case, the choice will have to fall on all the plants that love to be kissed by the sun: varieties that seek half-light are also good. For terraces and balconies facing east or west, the most suitable plants are those with partial shade.
Another aspect to consider is the possible presence of higher buildings that can reduce the light and therefore deprive you of the sun. In this sense, you will have to choose half-shade plants even with a south-facing balcony.

How to choose terrace plants, the climate
In addition to the exposure, it is also good to evaluate the climate before choosing the plants to set up on the balcony. It should be noted that winter is the most difficult period for plants, especially if you do not have the opportunity to bring them indoors and arrange them in an appropriate place.
If the winter temperature drops below 15 degrees, you absolutely must not leave the plants outside on the balcony, except for some robust varieties that adapt to the cold: this is the case, for example, of heather
How to choose terrace plants, space
Another important aspect is the space available. If it is a balcony at least 5 meters long and one and a half meters wide you can range in the choice, otherwise you will have to limit yourself to a couple of large pots to be placed on the ground in the main corners, adding if anything planters to hang externally along the parapet .

How to choose terrace plants, the choice
For balconies exposed to the sun you can opt for some hydrangea: just water it every day in the morning and add some liquid fertilizer once a week. For further information | How to take care of hydrangeas
Another balcony plant is the snapdragon, a very scenic plant that will give you many flowers until autumn.
You can also opt for the surfinia which has beautiful colorful flowers and the advantage of growing quickly: put a couple of seedlings per pot and in a month you will have a green relapse of 40-50 centimeters.
For the more shaded balconies we suggest the delicate blue of the plumbago and the pink or red of the geranium.

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