Sunflower seeds nutritional properties

Sunflower seed properties: i sunflower seeds, a food rich in nutritional and beneficial properties, are a natural supplement from which to obtain both essential fatty acids and vitamins: in fact, they have a very high content of fatty acids including folic acid and linoleic acid.

Sunflower seed property

  • THE sunflower seeds, in addition to the high content of fatty acids, it has B vitamins and vitamin E: the latter has an antioxidant function, thus protecting the cells of our body from aging.
  • Among the mineral salts contained in sunflower seeds, we find iron, zinc, phosphorus as well as a fair amount of magnesium and potassium.
  • According to experts, sunflower seeds would ensure proper functioning of the intestine and would be able to prevent respiratory diseases.
  • Thanks to the presence of vitamin E, the seeds would carry out a preventive action on the lungs, protecting them from oxidative stress. Vitamin E would also help relieve the pain caused by arthritis.
  • According to experts, consuming sunflower seeds would slow down the onset of any cancer
  • It seems to be an effective food against inflammation in general, due to the high presence of antioxidant substances,
  • Also according to experts, sunflower seeds would be able to prevent heart attack since they do not allow LDL cholesterol to accumulate on the walls of the arteries.

Sunflower seed property, uses

  • Sunflower oil is produced from sunflower seeds, a food widely used in cooking.
  • Sunflower seeds can be salted and roasted to become a healthy snack
  • They can also be used as an ingredient to add in the preparation of some desserts, baked goods or as a condiment in salads.
  • They can also be used to enrich vegetable dishes, soups or soups.
  • They can also be crushed into flour to obtain an iron-rich product that is very suitable for the home preparation of energy and remineralizing bars.
  • They are excellent for decorating fruit salads and ice cream if they are not salted

Sunflower seeds, where to find them
Quality sunflower seeds are those that come from organic farming, as they are not treated through the use of pesticides. Organic sunflower seeds are readily available in stores that deal with natural products, online, and in herbalists, but also in supermarkets that have organic products.

Where to buy sunflower seeds? In stores specializing in the purchase and sale of natural food products or on Amazon where a 300 gram pack costs about 6 euros with shipping costs included. These are 100% organic and natural sunflower seeds.

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