Energy Community

The Energy Community they are local entities created with the aim of self-producing energy and optimizing consumption. A Energy Community it can be made up of industries, condominiums, public administrations, shopping centers and hospitals that interact with each other by applying energy efficiency measures so as to guarantee advantages in procurement and consequently lower bill costs.

The reasons relating to the potential savings are therefore added to those of an ethical nature linked to a lower impact on the environment and thus, according to a survey by the Piepoli Institute, 37% of the interviewees declared themselves potentially interested in participating in a future project of Energy Community.

In 2020, there could be as many as 475,000 Energy Community active in Italy, with a turnover estimated at around 29 billion euros and the related important effects on the economy.

The Energy Communities could lead to the creation of new jobs in sectors such as home automation and lighting, in the construction of ICT infrastructures, in the development of dedicated software and in the photovoltaic and cogeneration supply chains.

It is certainly one of the most active operators ready to face the evolution of the sectorGDF SUEZ which can also boast remarkable results on the environmental front, "with an emissions rate of 20% below the world average and with the aim of reducing it by a further 10% by 2020" as stated by Aldo Chiarini, CEO of GDF SUEZ Energia Italy.

The initiative of the Permanent Observatory on "Innovative Energy Uses" promoted by GDF SUEZ in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano and The European House Ambrosetti is also commendable. The observatory is proposed as a reference point for monitoring European best practices in terms of optimizing energy supplies in the context of Energy Community and to analyze the strategic implications for the Italian system.

Video: ENGIE DERMS - Local Energy Communities- EN (January 2022).