Maintenance of the condensing boiler

There condensing boiler it has low polluting emissions and lower consumption compared to a traditional boiler, but so that these characteristics are preserved over time maintenance it must be regular. There maintenance of the condensing boiler it must be done at least once a year. Every two years, however, the verification of combustion efficiency with the analysis of fumes.

All operations must comply with the instructions contained in the installation instruction booklet, which must be provided by the seller and written in the language of the country in which the boiler is sold (not only in that of the manufacturing country).

The instruction booklet of the condensing boiler, in addition to the system data, it must also report those of the installer, the operations necessary for the regular operation of the boiler, the indication of the necessary checks and controls and the history of the combustion analyzes carried out. The forms listing the interventions carried out (the booklet must contain them in a specific section) must be filled in after each check by the person carrying out the maintenance and kept together with the receipt of the intervention.

Given that they exist advantages and disadvantages of condensing boilers and that before making this choice it is good to ask 'the condensing boiler is always worthwhile? ’, The adoption of a system of this type depends on the size and structure of the building, the location and composition of the family unit. For a correct assessment of all these factors, Assotermica, which is the association of manufacturers of appliances and components for heating systems, also recommends contacting a trusted heating engineer.

Turning to the maintenance, it is good to check that the company or the technician in charge are qualified to work on condensing boilers and for this purpose it is useful to always ask for the qualification certificate. The simplest thing is to stipulate a preventive and scheduled maintenance contract that protects you from possible forgetfulness (the company will notify you when the time comes).

A good one scheduled maintenance contract condensing boiler should include: the execution of all operations maintenance to ensure safety and correct operation; the biennial combustion test for boilers up to 35 kW (with special tools); the keeping and updating of the booklet by the company; the compilation of form H, to be sent to the Municipality for self-declaration; the commitment by the company to intervene urgently in case of breakdowns; the issue after each intervention of a work bill, also valid for the tax authorities, containing all the operations carried out and the declaration that they were carried out in accordance with the law.

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