Online savings with IdeeGreen comparators

It is online at the new section dedicated to Savings, reachable by clicking on the menu item "Savings‚ÄĚPresent at the top right, in the main navigation bar of the site.

The goal of the new Savings section is to allow IdeeGreen users to compare the offers of the main service providers in order to identify the most convenient one according to their needs.

The services present in the comparators are the following:

- ADSL connections

- Electricity supplies

- Gas supplies

- Mobile phone subscriptions

- Subscriptions for premium TV channels

- Services to connect to the Internet on the move

- Opening of bank current accounts

- Opening of deposit accounts

- Request for loans

After selecting the conditions of your interest, you will be offered the most convenient offers with direct links to the websites of the various operators where you can access more information or buy online.

The savings that can be obtained, by comparing and choosing the rate that best suits your needs, can reach up to 1,000 Euros per year!

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