How to fight sweat, natural remedies

In the previous article, we showed you how to make a home deodorant with natural remedies. In this regard we will see how to fight sweat in a natural way following our indications.

It should be noted that regular sweating is very important for the body's thermoregulation. Restricting it too much could lead to a more serious problem than the initial problem.

How to fight sweat, prevention

  • Preferably wear clothing made of cotton or breathable and natural materials: fabrics such as lycra, nylon and synthetic fibers promote excess sweating, thus not allowing the skin to breathe.
  • Avoid tight-fitting and very dark clothes.
  • At the table, limit the consumption of red meats, coffee and alcohol, while fruit and vegetables are absolutely recommended.
  • Drink lots of water every day, 8 glasses to start: it seems illogical, but in reality the more you drink the less you sweat. Drinking a lot of water in fact lowers the body's internal temperature, decreasing sweating.

How to fight sweat, natural remedies

  • Prepare a mixture based on water and apple cider vinegar to be applied under the armpits every night before going to bed: before applying, make sure the skin is perfectly clean.
  • Another effective remedy against excessive sweating is to apply a slice of raw potato under the armpits
  • Apply a few drops of sage mother tincture soaked in a wad under the armpits: sage is able to limit excess sweat thanks to its ability to inhibit the terminals of the sweat glands of the skin, reducing its production. The product can be found in all herbals
  • Drink a birch-based herbal tea: for the preparation, infuse 20 gr. of its leaves in a liter of water (about 10 minutes) Consume the herbal tea throughout the day even after having brought it to room temperature.

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