How to deodorize a room, natural remedies

To deodorize the rooms in a natural way we can use essential oils, potpourri of dried flowers or indoor scented plants. Interior deodorants are not only ineffective but can even be harmful! In this regard, here's how to deodorize an environment in a natural way.

How to deodorize a room, the car
To deodorize the car in a natural way, it is essential to constantly clean the upholstery, the hood and all the components of the passenger compartment. In detail, here's how to proceed
-clean the upholstery
- sanitize every part of the passenger compartment
- check the air conditioning / climate control system
- check the ventilation systems
- Avoid using the "air recycling" system when the passenger compartment is not clean
- near the air diffusers, add a scented bag, potpourri or a natural do-it-yourself deodorant (preparation follows)

Scented bag
In a bag you can add equal parts of coarse salt and baking soda. Wet the bag with aromatic extracts of your choice (essential oil of pine, ginkgo biloba ...) and without waiting for it to dry, fill it with the white mixture of salt and bicarbonate. Q

Natural air freshener for the car
Take an old bottle and fill it with a solution of water and essential oils. The right proportions provide for a dilution of a maximum of 10 drops of essential oil for every 250 ml of water.

How to deodorize a room in a natural way, plants
Given that to maintain a fresh and fragrant environment it is necessary to guarantee maximum hygiene and cleanliness, we offer you a list of plants capable of purifying the air of the house by filtering the atmosphere and capturing the molecular compounds responsible for bad smells but also for asthma and allergies (formaldehyde, benzene, trichlorethylene, trichlorethylene, xylene, toluene, nitrogen dioxide ...). The rooms can be deodorized by adding natural pieces of furniture. Here is the list:
Palma Areca
Aloe vera
Mother-in-law's tongue
Ficus Benjamin
Azalea Rhododendron simisii

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Mother-in-law's tongue

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