Grapes in alcohol: how is it prepared?

The varieties of grapes which lend themselves better to conservation in spirit are those with large berries, for example Italia, Regina and Zibibbo. The bigger the berries are, the tastier they will be once flavored with the alcohol and spices used for this preparation.

Of grapes in alcohol the desire comes especially in winter, but it is between the end of summer and autumn - with the full ripening of the grapes - that this delicacy must be prepared.

Once ready, the jars of grapes in alcohol they can be consumed throughout the year and the following year (they can be kept for a long time) even in summer to enliven many desserts and especially ice cream. If your guests are not teetotalers, you will make a good impression.

How to prepare the spirit grape. The big beautiful berries must be detached one by one and pierced with a well disinfected pin. This operation is to prevent the berries from splitting and will safeguard their crunchiness.

After drilling, the grapesgrapes they are distributed in wide-mouthed glass containers, taking care that they are very clean and that they have an airtight seal.

In the past, glass jars with hook closure and rubber gasket were used a lot, but today those with capsule closure are more practical (and even less expensive).

Attention: considering that you have chosen the large berries, the jars must not be too small, let's say no less than 400 ml to have a good content. The round or very rounded shape is the most suitable.

At this point, the following ingredients are added, jar by jar:

75% alcohol (just enough to fill the jar);

  • cinnamon (for a 400-500 ml jar you will need a fingernail);
  • cloves (a couple for the above amount);
  • sugar (10% of the total weight).

Once filled properly, the jars of grapes in alcohol they must be stored in the dark and checked periodically to add more alcohol if necessary. A part of the alcoholic solution will in fact tend to evaporate and must be reintegrated if you want the 'cooking' of the berries to be homogeneous.

There are also other recipes for the preparation of grapes in alcohol, but the one we have described to you (traditional and proven) is the only one that does not alter the original quality and flavor of the grapes.

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