How to plant a cactus

How to plant a cactus: instructions oncareand thecactus cultivationin pots or in the ground. From soil to fertilizer, from irrigation to winter care.

In this article we will show you how to plant a cactus, probably the most popular of thefat plants.

The fat plants, better defined as succulent plants, they do not require special cultural care: ideal for those who lack the famous green thumb! This does not mean that the plant can be left to itself! Forgrow a cactusyou must also remember to protect the plant from the intense cold if you live in northern Italy, irrigate the plant occasionally and administer fertilizer.

Who decides to plant a succulent plant he does it for two reasons: passion or comfort. Passion does not need explanations, while comfort is easily explained: the main characteristic of succulents is their low water requirement, which makes them practical for those who do not have much time to devote to the care of the garden.

Among the succulents, the most popular are undoubtedly i cactus. They are present in a large number of varieties, they are suitable as ornamental plants from cultivate outside or from grow indoors, in vase.

Can the cactus be grown outside?

Succulents, in general, do not tolerate harsh temperatures but, even more, do not tolerate humidity. If you wantcultivate the cactus outdoors, in your garden, you need to create the ideal conditions for this plant. That is, make a well-draining soil and place it in full sun.

The cactus belongs to the cactaceae family: it is characterized by a large stem, where very thick and long roots grow which allow for a better water supply. The cactus can be found in very different shapes and sizes, from low and round to high and long. If you have decided to plant a cactus in the garden orgrow a cactus inhome you can buy your plant at a nursery, where you will surely have a wide choice.

How to plant a cactus in the garden or in a pot

Once you have chosen the plant with the shape and size you want, buy a pot that can hold it or work the garden soil carefully.

Since the cactus loves light, you have to place it in the hottest areas of the garden, that is, the sunniest areas.

Before repotting the cactus in a pot or transplanting it in the ground, you need to get a porous and draining soil. Cactus soil is easy to find, you can use Amazon or go to specialized gardening stores.

Forplant cactus in the gardencarry out a very deep excavation and tillage. It is not necessary to bury fertilizers but it is certainly a good idea to add sand to the soil. You can also add a layer of expanded clay to the bottom of the hole.

If you have a clayey soil, in addition to sand, it is better to add pumice, lapilli and clay pebbles.

How to care for a cactus: watering

In spring and summer, water only a couple of times a month, but with large amounts of water.

In winter, however, the plant's metabolism slows down so you will have to reduce not the number of waterings but the water intake. Irrigate a couple of times a month only in case of drought, otherwise, the rainwater will be more than enough.

It is important to place the plant in full sun especially if grown in the garden, in the ground. While a potted cactus can be moved to a sheltered position, a cactus in the ground, to "dispose" of rainwater, can rely on only two factors, the sun and the draining soil. That is why deep soil tillage will be required before planting a cactus in the garden.

How to fertilize a cactus

Administer, once a month, a specific fertilizer for succulents. The fertilizer should be administered from spring to autumn. Before the arrival of winter cold, make a final fertilization: fertilize the cactus with potassium sulphate. Forcure the cactus in winter, especially if this is grown outdoors, it is important to make a final fertilization with a fertilizer based on potassium sulphate. The reason? Potassium increases the plant's cold tolerance.

Where to buy potassium sulfate? In garden centers, at agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon, a 1.25 kg pack of potassium sulphate is offered at a price of 19.20 euros with free shipping. It is useful for all plants that fear the cold.

For all information, I refer you to the page:Vitax potassium fertilizer

If you follow these simple directions, yours cactus it will live a long time and will be able to survive the winter even if grown outside.

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