The sustainable supply chain

There supply chain it is the 'distribution chain' of products, from the factory to the final consumer, but also the movement of goods from one warehouse to another or from one point to another within a production site. Supply chain, in a broad sense, it is everything related to the handling of goods and products.

Why is one important sustainable supply chain? For at least two reasons. The first is environmental: moving means generating polluting emissions and from this point of view the transport sector is among the main culprits. This is why limiting CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere is a responsibility of the logisticians also established by European standards.

The second reason is social. The very concept of sustainability it is based on respect for people and working conditions. Speak about sustainable supply chain it simply means calling the logisticians to their duty, that is, checking the ethics of the entire production chain of the goods they handle.

In this direction went the words of Paolo Bisogni, president of AILOG (Italian Association of Logistics and Supply Chain Management) during the event 'Differentiate, Improve, Protect: the Sustainability in the Supply Chain) organized at the Catholic University of Milan in collaboration with ADACI (Italian Purchasing Association e Supply Chain Management) and ALTIS (High School, Business and Society of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart).

Alfonz Antoni, vice president of ELA (European logistics association) recalled the forecasts and scientists that are the basis of European environmental programs: to avoid the increase in the average temperature of the Earth by 2 ° C by 2020, it is necessary to reduce by 30% CO₂ emissions. Transport contributes 15 percent to this goal. How to do?

According to Renzo Zarantonello, President of ADACI, part of the solution could be the alignment between marketing and supply chain. In fact, marketing often travels faster than supply chain and neglects control over the production chain. There sustainability instead it needs a long time and brings results in the medium-long term.