How to remove the scissors

In this guide we will show you how to remove the scissors, less known by the name of forficule, using natural remedies. These are blackish insects with forked tails, which can cause damage to both ornamental plants and vegetables, since they have a robust chewing apparatus.

Earwigs love ripe, rotten fruit, debris, small insects (dead or alive) and plants, especially pollen, buds, and other parts of flowers. They also love cool, humid environments and often hide in cracks and under leaves.
It must be emphasized that if they do not literally infest our garden or our vegetable garden, they do not represent a risk, on the contrary: they can be effective against other smaller insects and parasites such as aphids and scale insects. If we are faced with a massive attack, we must however run for cover!

How to remove the scissors, prevention

The first thing to do to prevent the earwigs from visiting us is to remove any debris or rotten fruit and reduce environmental humidity. On the market we find pesticides in granules to be applied on the ground that are effective in exterminating eggs, but we know that chemistry harms the environment!

How to remove the scissors, DIY traps

To drive away the scissors we can use very simple DIY methods, such as building traps. Here are 3 DIY remedies:

  1. Place caps or other low and wide tin containers in the garden, which you need to fill with seed oil: the scissors will thus be attracted and drown.
  2. Place a crumpled newspaper in a shaded area: after a few days it is easy for the earwigs to settle there. At that point you can easily remove them, moving them to another area of ​​the garden or killing them.
  3. Drill holes in a shoe box by drilling it from the outside to the inside, at ground level. Pour some oat flour or bran inside the box to attract insects. Plug with the lid to trap them inside.