Aloe vera, healing effects

Aloe vera healing effects: when hired, thealoe verapromotes intestinal transit and the disposal of toxins. The gel ofaloeit has a sweeter action than juice which, when consumed, must always be diluted with water or natural apple juice. L'aloe verait is the ideal ingredient for the preparation of DIY body creams and can be useful in the composition of a good one natural after-sun.

L'aloeit is not for external use only but can be taken in different forms, in this regard we refer you to our guide article,how to take Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera healing effects - Aloe Vera properties

In juice or gel, this plant of African origin can be a real panacea for health. Thehealing effects of Aloe veracan be summarized as follows. L'Aloe vera
-… fights intestinal fermentation and stagnation
-… improves digestion and helps keep a flat stomach
-… helps to absorb fewer calories
- ... helps to restore the normal balance of the gastrointestinal system
-L'Aloe verapromotes intestinal transit
-L'Aloe verahelps purify the body by promoting the disposal of toxins

The accumulation of toxins in the abdominal area, over time, can cause fermentation, gas and bloating. In these cases, thealoe verait's greatnatural remedy. L'Aloeit is a plant of African origin that includes different varieties, among these the best known and studied are theAloe vera, the ferox, thealoearborescens and Barbadensis. Thehealing effectsmore tangible varieties were connectedtrue.

The juice with a strong purifying action is extracted from the surface of its leaves. The juice is rich in anthraquinone glycosides, useful for moving the deeper waste.

From the central part of the leaf, on the other hand, the gel is extracted, rich in water, polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes: a precious mixture to combat intestinal constipation and abdominal swelling.

The polysaccharides present in the Aloe vera extracts stimulate peristalsis, while the mucilages create a protective film on the stomach and intestine walls. The result of theseeffectsit is especially appreciated by those suffering from a lazy bowel.

How to take aloe vera

In addition to the more detailed information in the previously mentioned article, here are other tips for taking aloe vera.

Who wantspurify the body with Aloe veracan choose a treatmentsweettaking, every day, a tablespoon of Aloe vera gel before meals, the maximum continuous period is 2 months.

On the other hand, those who want treatmentimpact, can opt for juice. The juice should be swallowed diluted with water or another transparent and natural juice, perhaps an apple juice (better if organic so that you can insert them in the centrifuge - or in the cold extractor - complete with peel). The juice should be taken one teaspoon twice a day, per 20-day cycle.

Where to buy aloe vera juice to drink?

Aloe vera juice can be purchased in stores specializing in natural wellness products and in well-stocked hypermarkets. Very popular, due to its benefits, is the Zuccari line which manages to offer 100% Pure Aloe Vera Juice, obtained from certified and double-concentrated crops. A liter of 100% pure aloe vera juice, of certified origin and double concentration, is offered at a price of about 20 euros with shipping included in the price.

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