Electric columns in Italy

The number ofelectricity columns in Italyit is growing day by day. Europe has finally expressed itself to have unique standards on the front "connectors for electric cars“, In order to favor a wider diffusion of zero-emission cars.

Theelectric columnsfor ultra-fast charging (for which it takes an average of 30 minutes to go from 0 to 80% autonomy), they can rely on direct current with two types of connectors, while on the front ofpublic electricity columns, we will opt for powers not lower than 11 kW, this means that to fill up it will take from 60 to 120 minutes. InItaly we would like to add further protection to the German connector indicated by the EU and called j1772, this device would increase the safety of theelectric chargingbut it could slow down the already difficult race to reach the minimum goals of installing charging points.

Electric columns in Italy, when?
-90.000 electric columns will be installed in Italy by 2016
-by 2020 in Italy there will be 130,000 public points for the charging of electric cars.

A recent agreement with the EU sets the date of 2020 as the limit for all Member States to ensure coverage of urban and extra-urban nodes with an adequate number ofcharging stations for electric cars. The same deadline is set for having methane refueling stations. On the frontelectric charging stations in Italy, based on the national plan of the development decree, by 2020, 130,000 points ofpublic charging for electric cars. The first"goal"it will already be marked in 2016 with 90,000 operational charging stations.

European motorways would also seem to aim for electric mobility: by 2025 the use of electric columnsit will be extended to all the motorways that make up the networkTen-T, namely the European corridors. The use of alternative power supplies is also timidly making room for traffic by sea.

Where are theelectricity columns in Italy?
Who is on the hunt forelectricity columns in Italycan count on a rather peculiar search engine: by entering an address it will be possible to geo-locate the 10 electric charging stations closer. To access the search engine visit the pageElectric car charging stations.

Is it better to recharge the electric car at home?
Whencharginga'electric carinhome it would be better to make use ofdomestic columnsrather than recharging through the classic socketselectric. In the articleCharging electric cars at home we explain all the details on the subject.

Electric cars, don't worry about the batteries
Bosch has put its lithium-ion batteries under stress with intensive charge and discharge use, achieving a noteworthy result: up to 20 years of maintenance-free life. The result was presented during the latest edition of the Solar Expo. With these results, it is not excluded that Bosch can produce a series of electric accumulators for domestic use, very useful when it comes to storing the energy surplus produced by the solar system.

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