Wind power on the balcony, tips and turbines

Wind power on the balcony: let's talk more aboutwind microturbines (small wind turbines capable of generating power up to 3 kW) ewind turbines (small wind turbines capable of generating a power between 3-20 kW). Microturbines and mini turbines can be installed directly on thebalconyor on the terrace of the house. On the market there are also horizontal wind turbines that can be installed on special support structures.

Before assuming the idea of ​​bringing thewind power on the balcony, it is necessary to evaluate the amount of wind blowing in our geographical area.

When evaluating the purchase of a plant to bring thewind power on the balconyyou have to keep an eye on the characteristics of the turbine, even beforeprice, it will be necessary to evaluate the "start-up wind". How much wind does a home wind turbine need to produce energy? In the articleWind on the roofwe have brought you some models ofdomestic wind turbines, one of these stands the power of 1 kW and manages to produce a minimum of energy even with winds blowing at a speed of 0.5 m / sec.

Wind power on the balcony, preliminary assessment
Before being able to bring thewind power on the balcony or roof, it will be necessary to assess that the site has the minimum wind conditions in order to face the purchase of a mini- or micro-turbine.

The bad news is that, with a few exceptions, most of Italy does not have a "good" average wind speed. In the vast majority of the Italian territory, the average speed is no higher than 5 m / s. The average speed can be easily checked by consulting the maps of the Wind Atlas of Italy, from which it can be seen that the windy (and therefore interesting) areas for wind installations are mainly coastal and mountain ones, islands and the open sea.

Wind power on the balcony, horizontal axis turbines or vertical wind turbines?
Horizontal axis wind turbines can be oriented by means of a drift placed “downstream” of the blades so that they can always be positioned perpendicular to the wind. They exist on the market horizontal axis turbinesof small power, from a few hundred Watts up to 100 kWp. There are different configurations of horizontal axis wind turbines: single-blade, two-blade, three-blade, multi-blade. When choosing, keep in mind this: as the number of blades increases, the speed of rotation decreases, the yield increases and the price increases.

With the horizontal wind turbines it is necessary to take advantage of winds that are as stable as possible in terms of direction, in order to limit stress to the rudder and to the moving parts of the turbine, for this reason the horizontal axis turbinesthey must be installed only in open spaces and not in urban centers. Only vertical wind turbines are more suitable for urban centers.

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