Grow red fruits, all the advice

Grow red fruits: thecultivation of red fruitsprovides for the planting of the new plants by mid-April or, at the latest, by the end of the month in the climatic regions of high altitude and Northern Italy.Grow small red fruitsit is a very rewarding activity.

Grow red fruits, the terrain to choose
All thesmall fruitsthey prefer fresh, deep, permeable soils, rich in organic substance, of medium texture and tending to loose. The land must be irrigated and not subject to persistent water stagnation.

Cultivation of red fruits and small fruits

Raspberry, white currant, pink currant, red currant, black currant, blueberry, blackberry without thorns ...small red fruitsto be cultivated, even in the home, with great satisfaction.

Red fruit cultivation -Cultivating the Blueberry
The planting of this species takes place from the month of March until the end of April. The soil should be acidic with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5. The variety recommended for new plants depends on the geographical areas: those who live in the South or in the Center, can choose one of the varieties with reduced need for cold such as blueberry conylope. Those living in the north can choose early varieties such as Duke or late varieties such as Berkeley and Bluecrop.

Grow red fruits – Cultivating the Raspberry
Also in this case, the planting of the new plants must be completed by April. The user can choose between single or double raspberries.

  • Unified raspberries: they bloom only once, producing fruit between May and July
  • Bideri raspberries: they are remontant therefore express a first production between May and July and a second production between August and October.

Inraspberry cultivation, of crucial importance is pruning. The operations ofraspberry pruningthey are common among single-flowering and remontant varieties.

How to prune the raspberry?

  • Cut old shoots that produced the previous year at the height of the stump (they can be recognized immediately because they are dry!).
  • For each strain, select 5-6 shoots (the healthiest) and remove the superfluous ones. In this way, the raspberry plant will concentrate its production on the most vigorous 5-6 shoots a year.
  • The selected shoots must be fixed with soft plastic ties to the lower and upper threads that act as support for the back. In this way the raspberry plant will grow with a fan opening, ideal for increasing the production of small fruits.
  • The selected shoots must be ticked:
    -13 cm above the upper thread in the case of the uniferous raspberry
    - below the raceme placed closest to the ground in the case of the remontant raspberry

Grow red fruits, the currant
Currants cannot be cultivated in areas with a mild climate, these plants have a high need for cold which is between 800 and 1,600 hours of annual exposure. For the cultivation of currant we refer to:

  • Blackcurrant cultivation
  • Grow currants

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