Wall bike hook, prices and models

Thewall bike hookis the best solution for storing the bicycle in the garage without taking up space. On the market it is easy to find godshooksto be fixed to the wall or ceiling to store the bicycle during the winter months.

Bike hook to be fixed to the wall
The wall hooks have very low prices, the same retailer specializing in sports articles, decathlon, offerswall hooksper bicycleat prices below 5 euros, for example, the one shown in the photo above costs around 4 euros and if well fixed to the wall, it can easily hold your mountain bike.


Talking aboutwall bike hooks, there are also multiple solutions that allow the attachment of multiple bicycles on a single support. The photo below shows a wall bike support that allows you to store 5 bikes on as many staggered and sheathed hooks so as to save a lot of space on the ground. This model is offered at a price of around 50 euros.

Hooks for bikes to be fixed to the ceiling
Slightly more expensive are thebike hooksto be fixed atceiling.Referring again to the decathlon price list, we can tell you that aceiling bike hook, complete with a reel to raise and lower the bicycle, costs around 17 euros. THEsystems for storing bicycles on the ceilingthey are given by two hooks and an automatic lock.


Let it be if it comes towall or ceiling hooks, installation is very simple, those who can use the help of a wall screwdriver will take less than 20 minutes to install.

Design solutions for bike hangers
Who shouldn't use the hooksin the cellar or garage and wantshang the bike on the house wall, perhaps in your own room, can count on more expensive design solutions or aim for do-it-yourself ... in the articleHow to hang a bike on the wall you will find all the solutions. Among the various proposals we point out the wooden supportBike Hook,costs just over 70 euros and is produced by designer Sandra Thomsen.


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