PET bottle recycling, between creativity and industrial processes

Plastic bottle recycling: in this we will analyze the opportunities ofrecycling of plastic bottlesboth in the home and in the industrial sector. In the home we talk aboutcreative recycling and plastic bottles find a second life for the creation of functional or decorative objects. In the industrial field since recycling of plastic bottlesyou get components for the automotive, textile, construction or new plastics!

Plastic bottle recycling, the creative side Thecreative recycling of plastic bottles is now very widespread, just think that a few years ago, the Municipality of Pedaso set up a Christmas tree made from 2,400 recycled plastic bottlesand fully LED illuminated.


Through therecycling of plastic bottlesmany things can be done, here are some DIY examples:

  • A vertical garden for growing flowering plants and vegetables at home. The instructions are available with the guide articleBuild a vertical planter with plastic bottles.
  • An automatic irrigation system for "quench your thirst "plants even outside the home. The instructions are available in the guide articleDIY irrigation system.
  • A drinking trough for hens or other birds. Keeping a source of water in the garden is useful for attracting beautiful birds and being able to enjoy their song. The instructions are available in the guide articleBuild a drinking trough with DIY.
  • With the sections of plastic bottles it is possible to create mini greenhouses to grow plants in the winter. We talked about it in the articlewhat to grow in winter.
  • More creative ideas on the recyclingare available in this photo gallery.

Which types of plastic can be used in the separate collection of plastic?
Here is the list of all the objects to be thrown away with the plastic collection.


Plastic bottles
Plastic egg holder
Fruit and vegetable boxes
Plastic films
Packs of snacks
Polystyrene packaging
Trays for vegetables or cold cuts
Fruit nets
Disposable plates and glasses
Yogurt jars
Plastic bags
Pre-formed transparent blisters
Pasta packs
Food film
Strapping for bundling packages
Plastic coat hangers
Bottle cluster film
Any type of packaging

It's not just thereplasticbottles that can be recycled. There are different types of plastic collected in the collection. Types of plastic, abbreviations and materials:

PET, polyethylene terephthalate, is mainly used for making bottles or synthetic fibers.

PE, polyethylene, mainly used for the production of packaging such as bags and boxes, but also tubes or toys.


PP, polypropylene, is used above all for furnishing items, bottles for detergents and food containers.

PVC, polyvinyl chloride, used for the production of egg trays, insulating films and pipes.

PS, polystyrene, more commonly called "polystyrene". Used for the production of food trays, cutlery, plates, caps… Learn more withrecycle polystyrene.

The types of plastic, before beingrecycled, undergo a careful selection process, each type has different uses so it must be "selected" and separated from the rest of the plastics, he deepens with "Plastic separation". All stages of industrial plastic recycling are available in the articlePlastic recycling.

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