What are the best houseplants?

What are the best houseplants?

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What are thebest houseplants? There is no universal answer to this question but we can provide you with different rankings that can help you inchoiceof theindoor plantsthat are right for you.

Best houseplants
There are many beautiful plants to decorate the home, from the classic succulent plants to the more modern vodoo lily. In the article "Ideas for plants in the house"We have proposed news such as:

  • the Buddha Plant, Jatropha padagrica
  • the Voodoo lily, Sauromatum venosum
  • the living stones, Lithops
  • the Venus flytrap, Diomaea muscipula
  • Aloe vera, a must for those who love natural furnishings
  • strawberries, Fragaria x ananassa

In the article "Indoor ornamental plants" we saw:

  • the Carmona Bonsai
  • the Sansevieria Trifasciata
  • the Gem of Zanzibar
  • the smoke-eating plant
  • the lucky Bamboo
  • the Begonia
  • La Palma areca

The ranking that we propose in this post supplements the one seen in the article dedicated toBest indoor plants with flowers, in fact even today we will list onlyindoor plants with flowers.

Amaryllis Minerva
Hippeastum has a large bulb measuring 32-24 cm in circumference, each bulb will yield 4-5 floral chalices. In addition to the A. Minerva, the Amaryllis Elvas, the beautiful Amaryllis Picotee (pictured above) and the Blossom Peacock are available.

Thought orchid
It blooms several times a year and reaches a maximum height of 45 cm.

Colorful cactus
On the market it is possible to find colorful cacti, grafted with brightly colored flowering. Better if grown in groups, especially suited to the kitchen environment.

Desert Rose
The desert rose,Adenium obesum it is a succulent plant of great decorative effect. It is characterized by a natural shape that is embellished thanks to the large flowers. The flowers can reach a size of 5 cm and if well kept, the desert rose blooms twice a year. It needs a sunny location.

Echeveria Miranda
Echeveria Miranda is a plant with surprising colors. The photo above shows the collection trio of Echeveria Miranda proposed by the specialized dealer Bakker. The retailer offers a trio of Echeveria supplied in a nursery pot, about 13 cm high and with special colors at a price of 16.95 euros.

The best houseplants, for the veranda
For the veranda or areas of the house that are little lived and exposed to the east, here are the plants that resist the cold.

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