Turmeric, the spice with a thousand healthy virtues

There turmeric, better known as a spice than as an ornamental plant, it is a bright yellow powder that comes from a plant belonging to the ginger family. The beneficial properties attributed to the spice obtained from the dried tuber are varied: they range from digestive properties to those healing for the liver and some types of cancer; plus it is anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidant.

Turmeric, how to cultivate it
For its extraordinary virtues, it is worthwhile to grow turmeric on the balcony or in the garden: it will give you satisfaction and you will have a splendid, original plant, which will amaze you with the beautiful inflorescences that last a long time, even once harvested.
Many do not know that this plant from India, gives beautiful flowers in shades of pink, grows from a rhizome, which is what provides the spice rich in many properties.
Its cultivation does not require cultivation knowledge: it is sufficient to partially bury the rhizome in universal soil: the plant can grow both outdoors, in temperate areas, and in an apartment. The only trick is to position it so that it has good exposure to light and sun and to water it abundantly, letting the soil almost dry out between one watering and the next.

Turmeric, healthy use
To enjoy its beneficial properties, you just need to integrate it into your daily diet: a couple of coffee spoons a day are the ideal dose; you can add the spice at the end of cooking of many foods but also to various types of yogurt or make a sauce.
Useful information: take turmeric together with black pepper or green tea to facilitate its absorption. Even the combination with some fat, such as olive oil, butter, or whatever, facilitates the absorption of turmeric.

Turmeric, storage
Turmeric is normally sold in powder form. In this case, you can store it in a sealed glass jar and in a cool, dry place to keep its aroma longer; it is good that the vase is not transparent so as not to filter the light which would damage the properties of the "precious" powder.

turmeric is added by some companies to "stretch" the more expensive Saffron; in this case, fortunately, given the health properties of turmeric, never mind!

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