Grow goji berries, here's how

Grow goji berries. The Goji, from the Latin name Lycium Barbarum, comes from Mongolia and is a perennial deciduous shrub of the Solanaceae family, the same family of aubergines, tomatoes, potatoes, chilli and peppers.

Properties of Goji berries
TheGoji berries are considered supporting column of traditional Chinese medicine and play an essential role in Asian cuisine. In Italy, the goji has become famous for its quantity of antioxidants: more and more Italians are looking for foods capable of counteracting cellular aging and goji berries are very well suited for this purpose. Thanks to the active substances, theGoji berriesthey are able to perform various functions in the body: they perform an energizing action, activate the metabolism and in addition to being a source of antioxidants are a mine of inestimable value (not very priceless since a kilogram of goji berries can be bought at the price of about 85 euros!) of micronutrients.

100 grams of product contain:

  • - Total fat 5.7 g.
  • - Saturated fats 1.1 g.
  • -Proteins 10.6 g.
  • -Carbohydrates 21 g.
  • - Sugars 17.3 g.
  • - Sodium 24 mg.
  • - Calcium 112.5 mg.
  • - Iron 8.4 mg.
  • - Raw fibers 7.70 g.
  • -Vitamin C 306 mg.
  • - Carotene 7.38 mg.
  • -Amino acids 8.48 mg.
  • -Vitamin B1 0.15 mg.
  • -Polysaccharides 46.5 mg.

How to grow goji berries

ThereGoji plantgrows in shrub form, can grow up to 2 or 3 meters in height and behaves like a climbing plant, for this reason, those who wantgrow goji on the balcony or terracewill have to equip thejaran appropriate brace or arrange growth along the railing.

The planting
Thegojiit can be grown throughout Italy, it prefers a temperate climate but lives well down to -15 ° C! The planting must be carried out during the spring months while pruning must be carried out in the months from November to January.

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Where to buy goji seeds to start growing?

It is difficult to find Goji seeds in classic garden stores, it is much easier to buy online. Goji seeds, unlike berries, are very cheap. On the web there are sachets of seeds even for a few euros; for example: Goji Berries - 50 Seeds for € 1.90

It's possibleto buydirectly thereGoji plantready for planting also online. ThereGoji plantis proposed by Vivai Le Georgiche with "guaranteed rooting ", at the price of 21.50 euros.

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