Coffee grounds, a thousand uses at home

Coffee grounds represent a very precious resource in cleaning, in cosmetics up to gardening. It is wonderful to discover that waste can be useful for our pocket and for the environment. In this regard, we show you how recycle coffee grounds following our directions.

Recycle coffee grounds in the kitchen
Coffee grounds are widely used in the kitchen, for example to eliminate bad smells in the fridge: just put a bowl of coffee grounds inside the fridge and let it act for at least a day.
Coffee grounds are effective in warding off ants: just put the coffee grounds mixed with vinegar in the corners of the house in a small bowl. We can also use coffee grounds to remove stubborn stains on the stove: in this case, you can mix a few drops of normal detergent with the coffee grounds and treat the stained area.
Do you have a fireplace? Coffee grounds can also be used to clean ash from the hearth, possibly eliminating bad smells.

Recycle coffee grounds in cosmetics
Coffee grounds are also widely used in cosmetics: just mix the brown powder with olive oil and you get an effective and above all velvety body scrub. Do you prefer a natural treatment for cellulite? Just combine the coffee grounds with brown sugar and a few drops of coconut oil. All you have to do is massage the affected area with circular movements and rinse with warm water.
We can also use coffee grounds for an energizing foot bath. To prepare it, you need to pour some coffee into hot water and immerse your feet in it, then, with the coffee grounds, you have to massage the hardest areas to immediately feel well.

Recycle coffee grounds in the garden
Coffee grounds contain potassium, phosphorus, copper and magnesium, therefore they are perfect natural fertilizers, both used alone and together with normal fertilizer.

Video: Why Use Coffee Grounds As Fertilizer? (January 2022).