Dry lips, natural remedies

Often, small annoying cracks are created on the lips resulting in pain and burning; this happens when the lips are too little hydrated. Dry lips occur, not only due to seasonal temperatures, the causes are various: vitamin and iron deficiencies, allergies to foods or chemicals such as uncontrolled make-up, dehydration, smoking and even the bad habit of having the tongue in excessive way on the lips. In this regard, we will show you the most suitable natural remedies for dry lips.

Dry lips, coconut oil
It is an oil with nourishing properties: they have the effect of filling and rehydrating our lips. Just apply the coconut oil morning and evening for a few weeks, then switching to once a day for maintenance.

Dry lips, cucumber
Cucumber has refreshing properties: just rub a slice on your mouth for a couple of minutes and repeat the operation at least once a day before going to sleep.

Dry lips, exfoliating scrub
To eliminate dead cells, we can use a DIY scrub based on brown sugar and water. Once you have made the mixture you will have to rub it directly on the lips trying to make small massages with your fingers. To complete, rinse with warm water and apply a few drops of castor oil.

Dry lips, olive oil and honey
Prepare a mixture with 2 tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil drizzle of oil, mix well with your fingers and apply it evenly. This compound can also become a facial mask in case of chapped facial skin. Just increase the doses, apply the product all over the face paying attention to the eye area. Leave on for about 20/25 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water and a soft face sponge.

Dry lips, aloe vera
Apply the aloe vera gel on dry areas in the evening before going to sleep, after having thoroughly removed make-up from the lips and face.

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