How to vote for Places of the Heart 2014

How to vote for Places of the Heart 2014: your support for this great initiative of the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) with which you can vote for the place in Italy to which you feel particularly attached and which you would therefore like to safeguard.

THE Places of the Heart they can be churches, palaces, gardens, beaches, olive groves, mills or entire villages and voting for them by reporting them to the FAI means defending them from neglect and deterioration caused by the passing of the years.

Voting is very simple and of course free! You will need to visit the specific page of the FAI site and indicate: region, province and municipality of the place. Places already reported by other users will be automatically offered to you. If the place you want to report is already in the list, you can simply select it. If your "Place of the Heart"Is not yet present, you can insert it, complete with a card accompanied by images and other information and you can then vote for it, sharing the invitation to your contacts to vote for your Place of Heart on your social pages.

For example, I voted for Parco Lambro, one of the most important city parks in Milan, a place to which I am very attached. It is in fact the place where I go for a run, the place from which my bike rides to the Milanese hinterland start or simply the place where I walk and get some sun away from traffic.

Unfortunately, some alarming signs of decay have recently reappeared: "disreputable characters", garbage, damaged benches, theft in the kiosk that hosts chess games, the Lambro river increasingly polluted, embankments that are giving way in some places, bivouacs and barbecues in areas not authorized, Gypsy settlements in unauthorized areas. It would therefore be important to have thehelp from FAI to sensitize the police and political representatives to plan interventions aimed at combating these negative phenomena.

Parco Lambro - My favorite place

On the occasion of the upcoming appointment with Expo 2015, this year's census will be particularly attentive to places related to the theme of the exhibition: "Feeding the planet, energy for life".
In fact, an ad hoc ranking will be created in a dedicated area of ​​the site The Places of the Heart where the places of food production and processing will be presented: pastures, vineyards, olive groves, mills, dairies and huts. The winner of this particular section, regardless of the position in the general ranking of the most voted places, will be the subject of an intervention, subject to approval of a project to be presented to the FAI.

To vote i Places of the Heart 2014 you can also use your smartphone by downloading the app created for the occasion with which you can also upload your own photographs of the Place of the Heart you wish to report.

Another way to vote i Places of the Heart is by filling in the postcard present in the FAI Assets and Delegations and at the Intesa Sanpaolo branches.

You can vote for your Place of the Heart until November 30, 2014.

It is also important to invite your friends to vote because the more a place is voted, the more it will have the chance to reach the podium, thus accessing the contributions made available for restoration, protection and enhancement.

The Places of the Heart that have received the most votes in previous editions of the census and have been selected by the FAI for a concrete intervention are in total 45.

For some of them the intervention has already been completed while for others it is still under study and construction. Here is the complete list of the 45 chosen places of the Heart, distributed in all regions of Italy:

1. Beach from Fosso Cupido to Alaca stream (Catanzaro)

2. Arco Bollani (Udine)

3. Frescoes in the Chapel of Saints Giacomo and Crist (Viterbo)

4. Pie 'di Marmo (Rome)

5. Bridge and Oratory of San Martino in Clavi (Imperia)

6. Painted Loggia and Nymphaeum of Palazzo Guarnieri (Imperia)

7. Church Square (Pavia)

8. Church of the Holy Trinity in Teregua Valfurva (Sondrio)

9. Blue Lake (Sondrio)

10. Marcite of Cascina Linterno (Milan)

11. Mill of Baresi (Bergamo)

12. Vetta Sighignola (Como)

13. Casa del Sole Trotter Park (Milan)

14. Church of San Filippo Neri (Fermo)

15. Casa Desanti - Bossi (Novara)

16. Paths of the Walser village of San Gottardo di Rimella (Vercelli)

17. Hermitages of the Abbey of Santa Maria di Pulsano (Foggia)

18. Bari seafront - Garden of Piazza 4 Novembre (Bari)

19. Colombaia Castle (Trapani)

20. Church of San Bartolomeo - Stromboli (Messina)

21. Scala Dei Turchi (Agrigento)

22. Vucciria and Marble Aedicule of the Genius of Palermo in Piazza Garraffo (Palermo)

23. Church of Santa Caterina (Lucca)

24. Brolo of the Monastery of San Giacomo di Veglia (Treviso)

25. Oratory of Sant Antonio (Padua)

26. Cattolica di Stilo (Reggio Calabria)

27. Rione Sanità - Totò Museum (Naples)

28. Monte Somma (Naples)

29. Church of San Salvatore de Birecto (Salerno)

30. Royal Site of Carditello (Caserta)

31. Romanesque parish church of Santa Maria Ad Nives (Modena)

32. Miramare Castle Park (Trieste)

33. Garden of P.zza Vittorio Emanuele II (Rome)

34. Lighthouse of Monte Della Guardia (Latina)

35. Park of Villa Strozzi, Gonzaga (Mantua)

36. Cascina Leonardesca (Pavia)

37. Citadel of Alexandria (Alessandria)

38. Oratory of the Sasso (Verbano Cusio Cossola)

39. Church of San Nicola (Foggia)

40. Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity of Monte Sacro (Foggia)

41. Newspaper stand Piazza Leonardo Vigo (Catania)

42. Basilica of SS. Annunziata (Florence)

43. Temple of the Dutch Alemanna Congregation (Livorno)

44. Garden and Monastery of the Ursulines (Terni)

45. Alpe Cortlys - Sikken - Salzen (Aosta)

I hope that among all these places you too have found some that you have visited and to which you are connected.

For example, I found the Sighignola peak, in the Intelvi Valley, in the province of Como, where I spent a good number of my afternoons as a teenager admiring the spectacular panorama with friends or girlfriends!

If you want to see your Place of the Heart 2014 in the list next year, it is therefore important that you mark yours by voting for it and inviting your friends to do the same!

The funny official video to promote the vote for your "Place of the Heart":

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