How to cover a piece of furniture

How to cover a piece of furniturewith laminated adhesive papers, with wallpaper or with recycled paper. All instructions forcoatbest shelves,furnishingsand any surface.

Before proceeding with the work ofcoatingreal, it will be necessary to thoroughly clean the surface to be coated and, if it is oldfurnishingsin wood to which to grant a second life, we advise you to sand the surface with a glass carat with fine grain.

Once the support has been prepared, let's move on to what is needed. Forcover a piece of furnitureyou will need an adhesive film, at the time of purchase pay close attention to quality: the better the product chosen, the easier it will be to install. Here's what it takes forcover a piece of furniture:

  • A pair of scissors
  • A utility knife / cutter
  • One row or team
  • A pencil
  • A spatula with a rubber edge
  • A hairdryer
  • A roll of adhesive plastic

How to cover a piece of furniture
Given that, if you use recycled paper for cover the cabinet, the coating must be glued with vinyl glue diluted in water and fixed by applying a transparent spray paint; in this case, we refer you to the article how to restore furniture with decoupage. If you use a special adhesive plastic roll, the job will not need any spray fixative.

1) Measurements and cut
Observe the measurements of themobilefromcoatand mark them accurately. On the back of the adhesive plastic trace the shape to be cut out. We recommend that you cut with a ruler that accompanies the tip of the cutter.

2) The application
Application is the most delicate phase due to the many hated air bubbles. For this some users will have found themselves on this page by typinghow to apply a bubble-free film. This is why you will need to arm yourself with the calm, spatula and hairdryer.

Make sure you are working on a clean, smooth and dry surface. Peel off about ten centimeters of film from the backing paper and start fixing from one of the corners of themobilefromcoat. Gradually peel off the paper by smoothing the film from the inside out, at this stage help with the rubber edge spatula. If you pay due attention at this stage, theair bubblesthey should not form. In the event of air bubbles forming, you can proceed by piercing the bubble with a pin and passing the spatula, or detach and reapply the plasticized adhesive paper.

3) The heat
The hairdryer is an excellent ally forto applyaadhesive film. If you heat the film (using the hair dryer at minimum intensity), it will become easier to handle avoiding the formation of creases orair bubbles. The hairdryer will also help you if you want to remove old papers or adhesive films.

Which adhesive film to use?
Forcover furnitureit is better to employadhesive plasticsand not just cards. Among the oldest producers on the market we point out theDC-Fix. 15 meters of DC-Fix adhesive plastic are offered on Amazon at the promotional price of 60 euros. On the same ecommerce portal, more modestly sized Dc-Fix adhesive plastics can be found for 6, 16 or 25 euros, it all depends on the quantity required.

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