Enel meter reading, the guide

Enel meter reading, the instructions to understand how to read the Enel meter and transmit the reading to the electricity supplier.

Read the Enel meterit is very useful for the hosts to communicate thereadingof thecounterelectronic directly from home. Enel Energia customers, holders of a contract for the supply of electricity, can use the service ofself-readingso as to keep the tariff rate constantly aligned with the staffpower consumptions.

Enel meter reading, the guide

  • Read and understand the electronic counter

Press the "read button"Just as shown in the illustrations provided in the article"Read the Enel meter “.The read button is the gray one on theEnel electronic meter (practically the only button on the device!).

Press theread buttonso as to show on the display, in order:

  • 1. The customer number
  • 2. The current time slot
  • 3. The instantaneous power (the kilowatts taken at the time of reading on the display, is a useful parameter to see how much electricity is consumed in the house with "those" certain electrical appliances active), the data is updated every 2 minutes
  • 4. The reading of the relative energy and power totalizers for each time band.
  • 5. Reading the current and previous billing period. The time bands are indicated with the initials A1, A2 and A3 respectively for F1, F2 and F3.
  • 6. The maximum power of the current and previous billing period. In this case the time bands are indicated with the abbreviations P1, P2, P3.

Which data are necessary for the communication of thereading the Enel meter?
Regardless of the type ofEnel counter(old or new, black or white), at the time of the communication of thereading the Enel meterthis data will be needed:
- number of customers (these are 9 digits shown in the bill and on the electronic counter display)
- meter reading

When to communicate thereading the Enel meter?

Electricity bills are issued every three months and it is possible to communicate the meter reading 10 days before the end of each quarter.

  • Read and understand the old Enel meter

Who is not yet equipped with the electronic counter, may equally communicate theEnel reading. In this case, to understand how to perform theEnel meter reading we refer you to the articleHow to read the traditional Enel meter.

How to communicate the Enel meter reading

The reading of the Enel meter can be communicated by telephone, by text message or online, through the official portal of the energy manager. All information on how to communicate the meter reading (addresses, telephone numbers to contact and detailed instructions) are available in the guide how to communicate the Enel meter reading.

Tips for saving energy on the meter

Save electricity on counter is the challenge of the moment.

It is true, saving energy is a duty towards the environment and also towards the domestic economy! There are no more excuses: by now it is a subject so much debated that one cannot remain indifferent. Save energy it's good for the environment and also good for your wallet, so much so that at the end of the year it is possible to make an absolutely positive balance.

Despite the propensity toenergy savingit is important to clarify that there are no devices capable of making us save electricity on theEnel counter.

On the web you can see misleading advertisements where electrical appliances, if mounted near the meter, would reduce absorption. Nothing more false! Appliances of this kind do not exist, what exists is to make a conscious use of appliances and take advantage of low-cost time slots.

Time slots, consumption and use of household appliances

Also in this case the consumer is called to a more careful use of household appliances. You can save money, just use a little common sense.

Everyone knows that energy does not have the same cost throughout the day. There are 3 time slots: the first, from 8 to 19, is the one during which energy has a higher cost; the second, from 7 pm to 11 pm, is the one during which energy has an average cost; and the third, that is from 11 pm to 7 am during which energy costs much less. If you are wondering when to use the washing machine, dishwasher, electric water heater or electric oven, the answer is simple: during the third period, that is after 11pm.

The ideal would be to keep the appliances switched on separately. For example, you can start the dishwasher and program the start of the washing cycle as soon as the dishwasher cycle ends. It doesn't take much really.

Which of your appliances consumes the most?

If you were wondering how to read the enel meter to trace the real-time consumption of an electrical appliance, know that the enel meter is not the only way. A more reliable way to know the actual consumption of a device is to use a wattmeter, a device that can be bought in shopping malls at a price of 20-30 euros.

On Amazon, an efficient Power Consumption Meter is offered at a price of 17.93 euros with free shipping. With this device it is possible to measure the electrical consumption of a single household appliance or of several devices connected to the Meter with a multi-socket.

The use is simple: just hook the appliance to this appliance and then fix it to the classic household electrical socket: on the device display will be identified electrical consumption in watts and an approximate conversion to economic consumption with the actual price of the electricity required by that appliance. device.

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