Chainsaw chain: DIY sharpening

To do sharpen the chainsaw chain costs around 7-8 euros, something more or something less. And you have to bring the chain to the store (retailer, repairer or service center) which is not always under the house and does not work at the times we like (like Sunday morning). In short, expensive and uncomfortable, better do it yourself. Especially if the chainsaw is used often and the cut must always be at the top.

Chainsaw chain: DIY sharpening

Manual system. For sharpen the chainsaw chain there are two systems, one manual and one mechanical. The manual one involves the use of a small iron file and a lot of patience. The chain can be left assembled with the tool resting on a surface, or disassembled and locked in a support (but not tightened in the vice because it would be damaged). Proceed tooth by tooth by filing the thread on the cut side. The result can be very good because it can be carefully checked. Probably this system extends the life of the cathema by minimizing the consumption of the teeth. But it takes a long time.

Mechanical system. Some time ago the sharpeners for the chainsaw chain they were specialist tools and were also quite expensive. Today you can buy excellent (functional and safe) by investing 70-80 euros. Doing the math, after about ten sharpenings (which we can do in complete freedom when we want!) We will have already repaid the expense. The only thing you need to have your own sharpener is a place to put it: not bulky but you need a solid table or surface to hook it to (as for the table vice). Operation is electric and maintenance is very minimal because it is enough to change the abrasive wheel from time to time (which costs 4-5 euros).

Today, retailers also sell online and in the Amazon showcase there are excellent tools with home delivery. For example the one below, which also has some good reviews:

Einhell BG-CS235 E - Chainsaw chain sharpener 4.5

Einhell BG-cs 85 F Chainsaw chain sharpener 3.2

Einhell - Spare wheel 4,5

Einhell - Spare wheel 3.2

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