Cultivation of the artichoke, useful tips

If you want to dedicate yourself to cultivation of the artichoke, it is good to know that this vegetable has a multi-year cultivation, such as asparagus; that is, sacrificing a space permanently.

Having said that, the first thing to do is to make the most of the space of the garden and obtain a perimeter border on the sides exposed to the South and West, in order to grow one or two rows of artichokes which for at least 3-5 years will provide their precious harvest. In the southern area, the artichokes they can last up to 10 years. But let's see how to grow artichokes by following some important indications.
Cultivation of the artichoke, directions

  • If you are not an expert, it is not a good idea to start cultivation from seeds; better to buy the seedlings ready in late winter or autumn: they are available in good garden centers and agricultural consortia in different varieties, including local ones
  • If you prefer, you can start cultivation from the carduccio, that is the suckers with roots and leaves to be taken at the foot of the plants in production; mature ones, if well cultivated, produce a considerable quantity. The carducci can be found in some stores in spring. With this method, cultivation will be slower than with ready-made seedlings
  • For the planting of the seedlings you will have to prepare holes at least 30 cm wide and deep, taking care not to bury the collar of the plant. The artichoke plants should preferably be placed in rows spaced 90-120 cm apart, while between one plant and another in the same row they should generally be left 70-100 cm.
  • The seedlings must be grown in any type of soil except clay and cannot be cultivated in pots, if not really large and deep, and in any case with not particularly interesting results.
  • Make sure that the soil is fertile, that it has therefore been previously enriched with manure in pellets or powder. Because these plants absorb high amounts of potassium, a potassium-rich supplement must be added to the soil

Cultivation of the artichoke, the harvest
Harvesting is done when the stem is considerably elongated and the flower head has well closed bracts and has reached the typical size of the variety. Harvesting is done by hand by making a flute-beak cut on the stem. The flower heads with a 5-10 cm long portion of the stem will be removed: this will allow an increase in production as all the younger and more active leaves are left.
After having provided for the harvest, which is generally climbing, it will be necessary to replenish the soil with new fertilizers and irrigate well in spring and summer in case of very hot and dry weather
Also make sure that the earth is never dry around the stems, on the contrary provide a basin to better absorb the water and convey it deeply. The stems from which the artichokes have been detached must be cut at the base after harvesting to avoid unnecessary loss of energy.

Artichoke extract, where to buy it

If from your artichoke cultivation, you are unable to obtain the desired quantities, especially in particular periods of the year and if you want to supplement the supplies of fresh artichokes purchased from your trusted greengrocer or supermarket, you can buy online theartichoke extract in tablets.

The ideal would obviously always be to eat fresh products but the extracts in tablets are a valid support of cynarin, the substance contained in the artichoke with multiple beneficial properties, even in periods when you cannot cook or you cannot find fresh products, for example when you go on vacation, in places where you are led to take advantage of predefined menus or when hygienic conditions are advised against the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I am thinking, for example, of when I go on vacation to Egypt, where the menu of hotels is always poor in fruit and vegetables. In these cases, having the tablets available is definitely useful in order not to impoverish the diet of very important substances.

The online prices are, among other things, rather low in proportion to the number of hires that can be secured: a vial of 60 capsules costs only 14 Euros.

To learn more about the nutritional and beneficial properties of this wonderful vegetable, I recommend reading the article "Artichoke, beneficial properties"

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