How to get rid of snails

While the snail slime represents an excellent resource in natural cosmetics, when we talk about garden cultivation, thesnails(snails and slugs) are a real threat to the crop.

When we talk aboutsnails in the garden, we actually refer to snails (snails with shells) or slugs (snails without shells). In this article we will focus onhow to deleteand / ordrive away shellless snailsfrom the garden, while, as regards snails (snails with shells), we refer you to the articleHow to remove snails from the garden.

How to get rid of unshelled snails

Thesnails without shells, better definedslugs(red slime of the species Arion rufus and Arion lusitanicus of the Arionidae family), are large terrestrial molluscs withoutseashell. Thered slugs they carry out their life cycle on the surface of the soil by feeding on the aerial parts (leaves and fruits) of the vegetables.

To limit the invasions ofslugsFirst of all, the flower beds must be kept clean by eliminating weeds in the areas even in the areas adjacent to the vegetable garden. If you find it difficult to delete theweeds, you can resort to the distribution of lime powder on the edges of the flower beds, equally effective in limiting invasions of snails without shells.

The slugsthey often feed on vegetables or vegetables ready for harvest, which is why we do not recommend the use of any pesticide that could contaminate the crop.
In organic farming, to solve the problem ofslugs it is customary to distribute baits based on iron-1 orthophosphate on the ground and among the vegetables. The recommended dose is 5 grams of iron-1 orthophosphate for each square meter of soil, the operation must be repeated every 7-8 days until the slugs disappear completely. Baits based on iron-1 orthophosphate do not contaminate vegetables for which washing with water will be sufficient.

Even if these are baits used in organic farming, we recommend their use only when the invasions are massive and a good weed elimination has proved ineffective.

Lovers ofbiological struggle, foreliminate snails from the gardenthey can adopt a pair of hedgehogs. Hedgehogs, as well as lizards and many birds, feed on snails.

Small snails without shells that damage the roots

There are somesnails without shells of smaller dimensions that live underground and damage the root system of our vegetables. It's always aboutslugsof the Arionidae family but this time they are species like Arion hortensis, Arion distinctus, Arion silvaticus and Arion intermedius. To ward off these little ones snails without shells who dig tunnels in our garden, we can use the classic natural remedies of the grandmother: sprinkle the surface of the soil with coffee grounds and salt. On the contrary, salt and coffee grounds have no effect on the large slugs that live on the surface.

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