Organic insecticide, from do-it-yourself to products on the market

The control of insects and parasites is not an easy task, especially when dealing with the cultivation of gardens and ornamental indoor plants.

Those who do not intend to use chemical pesticides can avail themselves of the help of a large number ofinsecticidesallowed in organic farming. Abiological insecticideit is made with natural extracts and its effectiveness is comparable to that of the most toxic pesticides.

DIY organic insecticide

Is possible to buyinsecticidesallowed in organic farming or decide to self-produce repellents for the care of your garden and ornamental plants that we keep at home.
If you want to prepare a good oneDIY organic insecticideyou may find the page dedicated toHomemade pesticideswhere, based on the infestation present, we invite you to use precise natural ingredients; in particular we explain how to prepareDIY organic insecticidesto combat aphids, gray mold, powdery mildew, mites, fungal diseases, plant lice, snails, worms and other insects.

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Organic insecticide, products on the market

Neem oil, as well as pyrethrum, are two completely natural compounds, highly appreciated in organic farming.

Neem oil

L'Neem oilcan be used asnatural pesticideto be applied for the care of ornamental plants both indoors and outdoors. This particular natural product is obtained from the Indian "sacred tree" Neem and is a powerful natural pesticide that acts on the reproductive system of the parasite, preventing it from multiplying. The Neem tree extract allows a healthy approach to the control of infestations because it intervenes with great effectiveness on reproduction and not with the direct killing of the animal. The bodies of insects absorb theNeem oil and their endocrine system is blocked, in other words they become sterile and cannot reproduce.

Being anatural pesticideit is possible to apply it once a week even as a precaution only. In case of infestation already in progress, it will be necessary to proceed with an application for 2 consecutive days and resume the weekly applications after 3 days. A single pack ofNeem oil it lasts a long time as it is used diluted: a single teaspoon per 1 liter of warm water to be sprayed abundantly directly on the plant, especially on the underside of the leaves.

Neem oil is a biological insecticidetherefore non-toxic for humans and pets. In any case, if you have to use it for the care ofvegetable garden, we also recommend that you stop the treatment one week before harvest. One 100ml vial is sufficient for 6 - 7 treatments.

L'neem oilit turned out abiological insecticidevalid for the control of a large number of parasites and to prevent and fight various diseases, among these we mention: black mold (downy mildew), powdery mildew, rust, botrytis… Effective against insects such as grasshoppers, aphids, whiteflies, mites and others.


It is a product marketed by Bayer that acts quickly and has a strong killing power. It is much more powerful than Neem oil and is equally allowed in organic farming. It acts directly on insects and is suitable for the care of a large number of horticultural, fruit, floral and ornamental crops. It is an excellent natural insecticide against a large number of insects, including aphids, lepidoptera larvae, metcalfa, sawflies ... Being an insecticide allowed in organic farming, the starting active ingredient is of natural origin and extracted from the same plant, the Pyrethrum.

Among the various products we point out the "Pyrethrum Actigreen" formulated only with natural Pyrethrum (of vegetable origin) and can be used on many crops and in any season.

It might be useful:Pyrethrum actigreen, 100 ml Bioinsecticide

The only advice is ... do not use it when the sun beats strong but perform treatments at dusk.

Bat against flies, midges and mosquitoes

We report:Bat Box - Biological fight
If you need a biological insecticide to keep insects away from the house (eliminate flies and mosquitoes), know that there is nothing more effective than a nice bat. A bat devours up to 2000 insects per night. Very convenient for those who have a garden or a small artificial pond which leads to the development of dipteran larvae. The bat box indicated in the link above is an artisanal product (handmade) and is made in Italy; is made with marine plywood. The bat nest is delivered already assembled and with a coat of ecological transparent varnish; for each cassette purchased, the manufacturer will donate € 1 to Lipu.

An organic insecticide to combat snails is available on the pageHow to get rid of snails.

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