How to recycle at home

The most effective way torecycle at homeis to separate waste. It may seem strange to you, but when you separate your waste for separate collection, you are taking the first step towards recycling: separate collection is the antechamber of recycling! Who is on the hunt for creative ways torecycle waste at homecan find several ideas for reuse and creative recycling.

How to recycle at home, tires
If at an industrial level the tires at the end of their life can be transformed into paving or asphalt, at home it is possible to give life to different furnishing elements. Tires can become beautiful planters or a seating line; we refer you tohow to recycle a tire.

How to recycle at home, plastic bottles
Recycling plastic bottles could be an extremely creative activity. Plastic bottles can be transformed into funnels, weights, bowling sets for children to play, but also into cups, dispensers and much more. At this link all the photographic ideas to recycle plastic bottles at home.

How to recycle at home, jars and canned goods
With recycled jars you can start your home garden, just make a drainage hole and follow the instructions on the Growing on the balcony page. Jars and jars can give life to splendid decorative elements, in this regard we refer you to the article How to recycle jars and jars

How to recycle at home, foods
All food and food waste can find new life. Food waste should be placed in a separate category as it does not always constitute real waste. If the foods are still intact and consumable (not expired) they can be transformed into something tasty, some examples:
How to recycle leftover pandoro and panettone
How to reuse Easter eggs
How to recycle stale bread (for this purpose, also try the passatelli recipe)
Recycle kitchen waste (mushroom stems, carrot scraps ...)
How to recycle the peels

With regard to irrecoverable kitchen waste, we refer you to the article onHome compost. As you can see, between garden fertilizer and food reuse ... the kitchen leaves no room for waste so the health of the environment is only in your hands.

How to recycle at home, tin cans
There are so many recycling jobs for cans. Those who have good dexterity can hypothesize to open the can in order to obtain a rigid aluminum sheet to be used to make sculptures such as small cars, boats, shaped animals ...

How to recycle at home, bottles and glass jars
With bottles of beer, vodka or old bottles of liqueur, it is possible to create nice glasses. In this regard, we refer you to the article in which we explainhow to cut glass. Another interesting article: How to reuse glass jars.

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