Saving in the kitchen

That ofeco-cookingit is a practice that can help the environment and the domestic economy. To get startedsave in the kitchen, at the next change of electrical equipment, just take a look at the energy label; when it comes to savings behaviors and cooking methods also make the difference. Here are all the tips forsave in the kitchen.

Saving in the kitchenwith the right appliances
Electricity consumption can be significantly reduced by choosing appliances of energy class A + or higher; for example, a class A +++ fridge will save you about 50% less electricity than a class A + fridge. The energy savings of a class A +++ freezer are even clearer than a class A + freezer.

The convenience is always tangible, even if not so marked, for dishwashers: an A +++ dishwasher consumes 20% less than a class A + but when choosing a dishwasher it is not only the electrical consumption to be considered; the most efficient dishwashers also consume half the water compared to older ones. Again, when choosing thedishwasherit is advisable to prefer models that connect directly to the hot water duct in order to save on this phase.

Always choose the appliances closest to your needs; it is useless to buy a fridge that is too big if there are only 2 people in the house! Ditto for the oven, it is better to have a small (but efficient) oven rather than operate a large kitchen oven.

Saving in the kitchen, good habits
Particular habits should also be granted to the positioning of household appliances. For example, for the refrigerator it is advisable to always place it away from heat sources, therefore away from ovens or radiators. Some refrigerators need to be placed at a certain distance from the walls as well. Check the fridge: the ideal temperature is +5 degrees.

Never place hot dishes or dishes in the refrigerator or freezer and above all place the food in the most orderly way possible so as to allow a homogeneous distribution of cold air. Keeping the food in order will allow you to find them even in the shortest possible time so as to promptly close the appliance door.

A cool airy location is also suitable for freezers for which garages or cellars are ideal locations. Over the years, a freezer in your garage or cellar will save you several hundred euros. For each additional degree outside, in fact, the electrical consumption of the appliance increases by 3%.

If we use an electric oven, preheating is not essential for cooking: although recommended in some recipes, this maneuver is not essential. If possible, cook several dishes at the same time, set the timer with switch-off a few minutes before the indicated time, open only when necessary and use cooking with ventilation, a device that allows you to cook at temperatures 10-20 degrees lower.

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