How to get rid of whiteflies

Thewhiteflies, more commonly calledwhite midgesor white butterflies, are responsible for damage of various degrees to the vegetables. The most common white flies or butterflies belong to the speciesTrialeurodes vaporariorumthey usually nest on the underside of the leaves, feeding on the sap.

With considerable infestations, thewhitefliesthey cause browning and weakening of the entire plant; in case of severe attacks, the plant can lose all its leaves until it dies.

Thewhitefliesthey can nest, in abundance, even in greenhouses, in small family gardens or in the cultivation of fruit plants. At home, they even attack ornamental plants such as the poinsettia by feeding on red and green leaves.

How to get rid of white midges

Therefight against whitefliesit is difficult due to the life cycle of these “little white flies”. The various generations of white butterflies follow one another and overlap the various stages of development. In case of large infestations ofwhitefliesit is possible to resort to insecticide treatments with deltamethrin-1,3, it is an irritated insecticide to be used at a dose of 8 ml per 10 liters of water. When you use this insecticide in the garden, remember that at least 7 days (safety time) must pass from administration to harvest.

To eliminate this insect can also be effectivebiological strugglewhich allows us to avoid chemical pesticides altogether. The biological fight against the white fly is carried out with the use of specific parasitoids. For example, who has the problem ofwhitefliesin the greenhouse, it can release the hymenoptera Encarsia formosa inside, very useful for eliminating whiteflies in a large number of crops (even outside the greenhouse). There are several companies that market the hymenoptera Encarsia formosa in the form of a pupa, including Koppert Italia, Syngenta, Bioplanet, Scam and Biogard Division of CBC.

Therebiological strugglewithFormosa Encarsiait is performed by placing the growth cards (containing the developing pupae) between the crops infested withwhiteflies

Aleurodidi, natural remedies

Garlic can be considered an excellent natural remedy against infestations ofwhiteflies. The characteristic smell of garlic carries out its repellent action by removing this type of insects. In the home it is easy to prepare macerated and other solutions based on garlic independently, while those who have large expanses of land, grown organically, can refer to the biological struggle or buy different natural products, among these we point out one based on garlic, it is the "100% natural Z-Stop Insecticide" (recommended only for farms or for the treatment of large areas of crops).

How to prevent whiteflies

Prevention against infestations of white butterflies can be implemented with simple precautions. To avoid the appearance of this insect, before starting a new crop cycle it is advisable to clean the greenhouse from all forms of vegetation and destroy the spontaneous solanaceae present in the neighboring areas. It is precisely on the spontaneous solanaceae (Solanum nigrum or morella coune and various other species of datura orstramonium) that the insect can survive.

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