How to clean silver with natural systems

Like clean the silver cutlery before putting them away? If you are lucky enough to have a silver table set, which you may show off during the Christmas holidays, you also have the problem of polish the silver to prevent it from blackening. The thing is not the simplest, which is why the advice is wasted. Ban on chemicals, here are the best natural systems for polish the silverware.

How to clean silver: natural systems

Potato. The potato is an excellent natural remedy for the oxidation of silver. Leave the cutlery and silver objects to soak for a few hours in the cooking water of the potatoes. If necessary, scrub the oxidized spots with a raw potato. To finish with a brightening action, let it dry and rub vigorously with a clean cloth.

Milk and lemon juice. A safe brightening action of silver is obtained with a solution based on milk and lemon juice. Boil the milk with the addition of a few drops of lemon juice and when the liquid has cooled, use it to clean the silver. Finally rinse and rub with a woolen cloth.

White vinegar. A bath of about 2 hours in white vinegar makes the silverware shine. At the end it rinses, rubs and dries carefully. It also works with very hot water and the addition of a handful of soda or coarse salt (see below).

Water and soda (or salt). Arrange a sheet of aluminum foil (the type usually used to preserve food) on the bottom of a plastic basin and fill it with hot water to which you will add a handful of soda. Leave it on for a few hours, then rub vigorously (no need to overdo it), brush, rinse and if necessary polish with a soft cloth. The same result is achieved by using coarse salt instead of soda.

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