Green bedbugs

If the green bedbugs they invade your house, do not worry. First, because if you have a garden, or vegetation where these insects can live, it is normal for them to take refuge in the warmth in the cold season. Second because the green bedbugs they are harmless to humans, although tremendously annoying because they defend themselves by producing a foul-smelling substance. Third, because they can be kept away with natural remedies. Let's see which ones.

Before you see how to remove green bugs from home however, let's get to know them better. The palomena prasina, because that's what the green bedbugs, are heteropterous insects of the polyphagous family of African origin and widespread throughout Europe. They prefer temperate areas, although in recent years they have shown to resist the cold well. Mild winters favor them because they can stay outdoors longer, and when the temperature drops they seek refuge indoors.

The 'transhumance' of green bedbugs from the garden to the house usually takes place at the end of October, but if the temperatures are not low even later and throughout the winter. To enter, they use the windows left open for air exchange, but a 'Trojan horse' can be the clothes hanging out to dry on the balcony. Banging clothes and sheets well before taking them home and mounting mosquito nets where possible is the first way to repel the onslaught of these insects.

We said that the green bedbugs they are harmless to humans, unlike other more fearful ones such as 'bed bugs', even if they are harmful and lethal to some plants. Tomatoes are the plant species that suffer most from attacks, and fruits and vegetables are to be thrown away if they are attacked. In winter, however, the problem is the stench that green bugs give off to defend themselves when they sense danger. If the smelly substance ends up on the fabrics, it must be washed well to remove it.

Green bedbugs: natural remedies

After mechanical systems such as mosquito nets, the first remedy is a solution of hot water and soap to be sprayed on shutters, window frames and wherever it is usual to see bedbugs. The soap has the power to dehydrate the insect and kills it easily.

If soap and water doesn't work, you can try tobacco macerate (here you can find how to prepare it Natural remedies for plant diseases). If the cause of the invasion of green bedbugs are the plants on the balcony, the leaves must be cleaned well one by one because this is where these insects lay their eggs. To clean the plants, you can use neem oil (which is a natural repellent) or an aqueous solution with minimal doses of pyrethrum insecticide.

In case of heavy attacks or periodic treatments, broad spectrum polyvalent insecticides can be used. There are valid ones on the market that can be purchased online. For treatment against green bedbugs of a garden, a large room, a terrace or several balconies, a solution to be diluted at the moment and administered with a nebulizer is recommended (you will keep it better and it will last longer). If the need is limited, you can instead purchase a ready-to-use product. Below you will find some indications valid for all needs.

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