The sowing, all the instructions

For many plants, the best time to start issowingfalls between the months of January and March. Winter is the period indicated forsowingof theannual plants.

Starting from February, proceed with the sowing of all the annual plants, both if we are talking about vegetables and if we are talking about flowers.

You cansowin traditional honeycomb containers, or, for those who lovecreative recycling, you can use egg cartons or toilet roll cylinders. For thesowing, use soft soil, on the market there is a suitable soil for sowing but those who already have soil for succulents in the house, can use that.

Place the containers in the space between a double window, or directly in the greenhouse. The loam of thesowingit must be kept moderately moist. After the frost period has passed, place the container outside and place it in a bright place, sheltered from the rain.

Theresowing depthvaries according to the plant to sprout. Usually, the period and depth are indicated on the purchase package, however, for the depth you just need to follow a rather valid general rule that suggests burying the seed at a depth equal to three times the diameter of the seed.

The various sowing techniques

Theresowingcan be divided into two broad categories, let's talk aboutsowing in seedbedsand sow in the open ground. Sowing in the field can be carried out both with seeders (manual or mechanical), and with traditional techniques: broadcast sowing, row sowing or hole sowing. To learn more about the various sowing techniques, we refer you to our guide article "how to sow in the open ground or in a seedbed“.

The advantages of sowing

Therecultivation starting from the seed has several advantages. First of all there are the lower costs: when it comes to vegetables, with the money invested to buy a plant to plant it is possible to develop at least 10 seeds. For flowering plants, the economic advantage could be even greater.

Another advantage lies in the root system: those who sow in open fields will have seedlings with a more developed root system, in this way the plants will be less sensitive to drought and more resistant to different soil conditions.

Sowing and the phases of the moon

The moon has always influenced agricultural activities, especially sowing, since the dawn of time. To learn more, please refer to the page dedicated toMoon and sowing.

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