Natural detergent for wool and delicates

Here is the recipe for natural do-it-yourself detergent for wool and delicates that you can prepare at home. This way you will have an economical and environmentally friendly detergent to use in the washing machine. The consistency of a gel makes it easy to store and making it easy. But beware of water: hard water compromises the effectiveness of ours natural detergent and if necessary, an anti-limescale product must be added.

The ingredients of the natural detergent for wool and delicates are: grated Marseille soap (starting with a dose of 100g), a teaspoon of anhydrous lanolin available in pharmacies, a soup spoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of glycerin (also available in hot water, preferably distilled and (see above) not calcareous.

Preparation of natural detergent for wool and delicates

Put the Marseille soap in a pot covered with hot water (about 2 liters will be needed), place on the stove and melt over low heat, stirring with a spoon. At the same time put the lanolin in a separate saucepan and melt this too over low heat; then add the olive oil and glycerin, always mixing with a spoon.

After it has melted, pour the fat mixture of oil and glycerin into the pot with the soap, add 1 dl of hot water and blend with the hand blender. Once the gelatinous consistency is reached, the detergent is practically ready and you can pour it into a resealable glass container that you will leave open to cool. The detergent must be like a gel, but also fluid enough to pour into the washing machine compartment.

For each wash with the wool and delicate program you need about 200 dl natural do-it-yourself detergent, to be diluted with a little hot water before use. You can add a little DIY fabric softener that you can prepare with: 1 liter of water, half a liter of white vinegar and 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil (put in a bottle and shake well). An excellent way to soften wool and cashmere garments is to pour a glass of cold milk on the fabrics before washing: let it act for a couple of hours and then rinse in cold water.