How to remove snow from plants

How to remove snow from plants

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How to remove snow from plants: all the tips that will explain how to remove snow from plants in pots or in the garden.

In the coldest months of the year the work in the vegetable garden and in the garden does not end, nor does it slow down: in the countryside there is always something to do! Among the works to be done in winter, especially during the two months January-February, there is the so-calledshaking the plants from the snow "

Remove the snow from the plantsit is a delicate operation that requires time and patience, we recommend that you do it during the weekend so as not to be too hasty.

Needremove snow from plantsboth if these are grown on the balcony, or if they are in the ground and thrive in your garden. In particular, evergreen species with large foliage such as acidophilic plants (camellias, rhododendrons, fir, strawberry tree, maple ...) must be monitored: the snow must be removed promptly to prevent the branches from breaking.

Unless you have large crops, howeverremove snow from plantsyou do not need special equipment, you just need a sorghum broom and a wool or cotton rag. Those with very tall plants can purchase special tools with a telescopic handle.

How to remove snow from plants

Wrap the bristles of a sorghum broom in a cotton rag, position yourself laterally to the plant and give small strokes to the foliage by shaking the affected branches to make the snow fall. Shake all the branches well by doing this slowly and delicately.

Forprotect plants from snow, in addition to providing for theshakingit is possible to anticipate and apply special protections; these are nets or sheets to be inserted above the foliage. Among the most practical solutions there are "bags" created just to wrap the hair, an example is canvas protectionupAmazonand proposed, with free shipping, at the price of 19.90 euros.

Protectors are perfect for garden plants or on the balcony; thanks to these sheets it is possible to protect the plants from cold, wind, frost and snow. The marked garden fleece is made of proven PP plastic. The treatment is very simple. It must be placed just above the plants or shrubs and fixed with the practical lace.
So you can protect the plants from frost and snow and rain. The fabric that makes up this protective bag is very resistant and at the same time permeable to air, light and humidity. This approach promotes smart hedging and a healthy microclimate, circumstances that can encourage optimal growth.

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