How to turn on the fireplace, useful recommendations

Lighting the fireplace might seem like a difficult task; in fact with the wrong wood or with a wrong predisposition you can also burn all the paper in the world but the fire will never light! In this regard, we will show you how to light the fireplace by following some small recommendations.

Before lighting the fireplace, make sure you have all the material you find in the next paragraph available, also make sure that the flue has no obstructions and that the external chimney is functioning properly.

How to choose the right wood?
Generally any wood burns but some essences are more suitable for combustion: this is the case of beech, birch, maple (hard woods). A big recommendation is to get very seasoned wood: damp wood would only cause smoke with the risk of invading the house. It should be noted that it takes at least 9 months to cure the wood, and it is best to allow it to age for at least 2 years if possible. For further information, please refer to the article "How to choose the right firewood"

How to light the fireplace, what you need

  • A large log of wood
  • Medium-thickness wood
  • Small twigs
  • Paper and / or cardboard
  • Diavolina
  • Matches

How to light the fireplace, procedure

  1. First clean the chimney, removing any ash that may be present: if there are still pieces of embers, put them aside. The ash, however, do not throw it away, because it can easily be used in another
  2. At this point, take the large log and place it horizontally on the bottom of the fireplace: it will be the base where you will rest the rest of the wood
  3. At the bottom, in front of the stump, form a small heap of sticks
  4. Place the wood on top, starting from the thinnest to the most double, forming a sort of small chapel: the flame must breathe in order to ignite and expand, so avoid putting too much wood on top of each other
  5. Once the wood has been arranged, take some paper or cardboard and place it strategically between a piece of wood and another
  6. With the chimney tongs take the devil and light it and place it under the sticks.

How to light the fireplace, useful information

  • Make sure there are no objects in danger nearby: you will have to move away any object or product that could catch fire
  • Make sure there is space between the logs, so that the fire can breathe and have the necessary oxygen to burn
  • Equip yourself with the appropriate fireplace tools, so you can turn the logs over and move them as you please
  • If you go to sleep and the fire is still on, don't forget to put the protection on and make sure there are no rugs or other flammable objects near the fire.

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